Sunday Scaries: Baby Nurse, Leon Rumours, and Connor McDavid wedding predictions

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Kylie Salai
7 months ago
Happy Sunday!!
On September 6th, Mikayla and Darnell Nurse welcomed their second baby boy, Chase.
Makayla says Chasae is the best early birthday present she could ever ask for, and that’s honestly fair!
A few weeks ago, I called this the summer of $775K if we wanted new depth players, but it actually is the summer of Oilers babies. There have been many off-season additions to the Oiler’s secondary roster and it’s the gift we didn’t know we needed.
Over the summer, we have added the following:
  1. A second Leon courtesy of Mattias Ekholm and his wife, Ida Björnstad.
  2. The Princess of Edmonton, Lennon Ayla Nugent-Hopkins
  3. Connor and Madison Brown welcomed their baby boy named Nolan in August as well
  4. Just this week, the Nurses gave us Chase Richard Joseph
There are almost so many of them that they could make their own team at this point.
As we know all too well, other fanbases love creating and spreading the false narrative that Connor and Leon want out of Edmonton. Well, this summer, the pair have explicitly said that is not true, that they want to be in Edmonton, and that they want to win in Edmonton.
Most recently, there has been lots of talk about Leon Draisaitl’s next contract and it’s looking good for us. Maybe not money-wise, but he and Connor are two guys that you just give them whatever it takes. They’re both out of this world good, and I don’t even know what I would do if I had to watch either of them go. The whole point, though, is that I don’t think it’s happening.
This week, Elliotte Friedman chimed in on the conversation, “Draisaitl is going to stay, I’m saying that right now. I think Draisaitl is going to stay. If things stay the same I don’t think he’ll go anywhere.” Friedman also said that the longer the Oilers wait to get this deal done, the more complicated the signing will become.
I can understand why the Oilers are waiting because a) they can’t even talk about an extension quite yet, and b) places like Daily Faceoff think we have the worst cap management in the league. Assuming that the salary cap is going up next year won’t be enough because there’s no certainty that the thing will rise enough for the Oilers to get everything done. But for my sanity and peace of mind, I would love this contact to be done as soon as they possibly can.
The thought of Leon leads me to my next topic…Connor McDavid’s wedding!!!
This past week Lauren Kyle proposed to her bridesmaids and holy crap there are a lot of them.
Celeste Dejardain is her maid of honour, which led me to speculate about Connor’s groomsmen. 
Here are my guesses (and I really, really want to hear yours too)
  • Best man- this could go one of two ways. Obviously, I think it will be his brother Cam, but my McDrai heart wants it to be Leon.
This leads me to another prediction: I think there could be two best men because I feel like it’s a crime to pick one of Cam or Leon, so why not do Cam AND Leon?!! I’m sure Lauren has another best friend that she can have as a second Maid of Honour.
Lauren Kyle has nine bridesmaids so I’ve got a lot of space here to take guesses at Connor’s groomsmen.
So if Cam McDavid and Leon are going to be groomsmen — I have no doubt in my mind about that — we still have seven more guys to guess.
For the rest of the groomsmen:
Sam Gagner: His wife is a bridesmaid and I know they’re all very close. They vacation in Muskoka every summer as well,  so there’s a reason Gagner is always connected to the Oilers and I think a big part of that is Connor. 
Pat Maroon: Again, I think this cause his wife is also a bridesmaid for Lauren. I love Pat Maroon so much so this would make me SO happy. 
Nurse: They seem to have a great relationship and Connor was a groomsman in his wedding so It seems kind of given that Darnell will be one for Connor. 
Tyson Barrie: We all saw the heartfelt goodbye post. I think they’re quietly really good friends and 
Nuge: Come on now you’re not telling me he’s not one of them.
I think the last two will be random childhood friends nobody knows about.
Honourable Mentions:
  • Biz Nasty, he couldn’t make it to the hot tub, Maybe he can make it to the bridal party. (This is a joke I doubt he’s even invited).
  • Dylan Strome
  • Lenard
I want to know who you think is going to be part of the royal wedding, or who you think the most obscure guest will be!
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