Sunday Scaries: Celly’s, Sarah Nurse & it’s time to get back to it

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Kylie Salai
10 months ago
After the all-star break & the bye week, I am back and so are Sunday scaries!
Before the break, the oilers played the Columbus Blue Jackets, and the Chicago Blackhawks. The Oilers lost to the Blue Jackets, unsurprisingly, snapping their six-game win streak in overtime at home.
The Oilers then took on the Chicago Blackhawks and essentially beat them to a pulp. I would love to go into the details of this game, but well know the only thing any of us cared about by the end of that game was Matt Berlin & rightfully so.
A chunk of the Nation team and I were In Jasper at a watch party, and so naturally;
The energy in that room by the time Berlin was in net was second only to rogers place itself. We were so excited for him & what a moment that was to share.
This week we have a game against the Red Wings on Tuesday, Flyers on Thursday, and Senators on Saturday. Basically, this should be an easy week for the Oilers, but also, don’t hold your breath. Oilers gonna Oiler.
Time for the Scaries:
  1. The Oilers after a long break. This team is, and always has been awful at playing hockey after a break. This makes the first game against Detroit so much more important. The team needs to come out swinging, and not waste time finding their feet.
  2. That’s it for scaries.
  1. Sarah Nurse at the all-star game in an Oilers jersey.
  1. The game against Chicago left a great taste in my mouth, and I’m hoping that we can keep that going after this break and get back to our 6 game win streak type play.
  2. The vacation bonding?! Hello? this team is possibly the most family-like team we have had as far as I can remember and I’m so here for it.
After so long with no Oilers hockey, I am pumped to watch these games & pray that they don’t stoop to their opponent’s level so we can get these wins up.
Talk to me in the comments or over on Twitter! I would love to hear your scaries/ celly’s!
See you next Sunday!

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