Sunday Scaries except it’s Tuesday and I have way more cellys

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Kylie Salai
1 year ago
This week’s Sunday Scaries are brought to you by Sunday Scaries in my real life, and that’s why they are coming on Tuesday I guess…
But other than that, a 3/3 week for the Oilers means not many scaries from my end, I suppose.
The Oilers kicked off their week Tuesday against the Ottawa Senators in a game that seemed to be fuelled by Germans, convenient, because we hosted a whole group of them! We had all of our German Oilersnation members out, and between our beloved Leon Draisaitl and Tim Stutzle, they put on quite the show.
In a 6-3 victory, we saw goals from Derek Ryan, two from Draisaitl pushing him to 101 points on the season, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Nick Bjugstad, and, of course, captain Connor McDavid.
After their 6-3 win over the Ottawa Senators, the Oilers took on the Dallas Stars at home.
-Side note- I was in a tattoo shop while this game was being played, and I made a funny little deal with myself. If the Oilers won while I was there, I would get a tiny little Oilers tattoo. SPOILER ALERT: they won.
So now I have a new tattoo, courtesy of Warren Foegele, Mattias Janmark, McDavid and Stuart Skinner for putting up 25 saves on the night.
The other plus side to this game? A four-point win in the standings.
On Saturday, the Oilers took on the Seattle Kraken for yet another four-point game. This 6-4 victory might not seem like a pretty one for Sir Stuart Skinner, but he still made an impressive 33 stops on the night. The Oilers’ offence was majorly supported by Evander Kane who helped himself to a hat-trick evening, and Zach Hyman who has now scored 30 goals for the first time in his career-boosting his current career-high season.
McDavid, Draisaitl and Ekholm also all hosted three-point nights. This win gives the Oilers a three-point cushion on Seattle, who is directly behind them in the standings. (Does anyone see a theme here with the 3’s? well if you believe in signs like I do, that’s several sets of threes, which signifies life cycles and different phases, and we are in a beautiful one right now.)


The nerves of our current playoff push and the playoffs creeping up on us is starting to get to me. The next few weeks are going to consist of a whole lot of terrible math on my part, counting games and points and looking at playoff seeding and simply stressing me out until further notice.


The Oilers collected six points, and stole four away from their Pacific Division opponents in their perfect 3/3 week, so we have so many cellys this week.
This week the Oilers outscored their opponents 16-8, leaving a perfect 2:1 ratio. This tells me our defence is doing something right, and our offence is firing on all cylinders.
Leon Draisaitl is a 100-point man once again. There was no doubt in my mind that he was going to hit it, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting, especially when he did it in a German showdown for his German Oilersnation and Kennedy, of course.
Connor and Nuge are on a tear. They both have been all year, but it’s hard not to acknowledge it every time I’m talking about something worth celebrating.
Our depth scoring took about half of the season to even come to play, but lately, it’s been consistent and phenomenal. It seems like lately, every game we have someone not named Connor, Leon or Ryan (of the Nugent-Hopkins variety) scoring a goal. I spoke about our playoff push, and this contribution coming from up and down the lineup is going to make a world of difference during the push and going forward into the playoffs.
The Calgary Flames suck so bad it brings me an astronomical amount of happiness. I truly love to see it.

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