Sunday Scaries: ‘I just want to f**** win,’ foreign exchange students, and my formal apology to Elks fans

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Kylie Salai
7 months ago
Happy Sunday!
Earlier this week Desharnais went on ‘The Sick Podcast’ and he was explaining a time when his mistake cost the Oilers a goal.
He apologized to Connor McDavid for making him -1 and Connor responded with, “I don’t care about the stats, I just want to f*ing win.” For Vinny, McDavid said what he wanted to hear, and that fired him up. 
Now, for most of us, this is different for us. We usually think of Connor as the more passive guy we see in the media, but his passion for hockey and winning with this team seems to be much more evident behind closed doors. 
I think it’s awesome to hear about the passion and emotion in the locker room that we don’t get to witness firsthand. We all knew Connor was a great captain but to me, it’s nice to hear him say stuff like this because it shows us exactly why he is.
He is a player who is constantly breaking records, whether they are leagues, teams, or his own personal bests, and knowing that it doesn’t mean much without winning the Stanley Cup is both heartwarming and sad. We all understand that they want to win the Cup, but he should be proud of his personal accomplishments as well.

Foreign Exchange students

So on my way to school on Thursday I think it was, I was listening to the radio, and a woman called in and she was explaining that she takes in foreign exchange students. They were discussing things you NEED to do in Edmonton and someone asked her if she has had exchange students during the playoffs. 
She said she has had a few, and that the playoff effect had hit them all hard. She currently has a German student, and he loves Draisaitl —join the club — and he also loves the Oilers.
Basically, I just think is so magical-for lack of a better word- that someone from across the world can show up here, just at the right time to experience playoffs and almost instantly fall in love with a sport. She said there have been multiple students who have brought back Oilers jerseys for their families- which also goes to show how much of Edmonton’s identity is the Oilers. It’s so romantic to me.

I have a formal apology to issue to Edmonton Elks fans.

As a Roughriders fan, it was very easy for me to poke fun at the Elks. And don’t get me wrong, it still is fun making fun of them, but now that my Roughriders have lost to the Elks, the joke has lost much of its humour. 
So, I am sorry for writing about how bad the Elks were a few weeks back (I still stand by it though).
I am also sorry for going to a game the Riders weren’t even playing in as if they were (I would and will still do it again).
But also thank you to the Elks for giving me a chance to win Taylor Swift tickets next Friday because you bet I will be there.
See you next Sunday!!

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