Sunday Scaries: McEngaged, Connor Brown, and Nickelback supremacy

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Kylie Salai
9 months ago
Happy Sunday Oilersnation!!
We have A LOT going on at the moment. Engagements, NHL awards, the draft, free agency, and rumours galore.
To begin, Frank Seravalli has been reporting on the downfall of the Flames this week, and I’ll be honest, it’s not looking great. Seravalli reported that Noah Hanifin, Elias Lindholm, Tyler Toffoli and Mikael Backlund are all looking to get out of Calgary.
I’m no mathematician, but when four of your top players are looking for an escape plan, I can imagine that doesn’t leave you with much. I think what makes this worse is that this off-season isn’t free agent heavy, and there are not very many big names up for grabs come July 1st.
Speaking of July 1st, it’s looking like the long-time rumours of Connor Brown becoming an Edmonton Oiler will finally come to fruition…
Connor Brown has made it pretty clear he wants to come to play in Edmonton (Thanks Connor McDavid for existing in Edmonton), SO COME ON HOME CONNOR BROWN. We’ve been waiting for you!
All this Connor talk and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to talk about the massive rock- I mean elephant in the room,
The royal engagement!!
It’s been a long time coming, but Connor and L̶e̶o̶n̶ Lauren of course, are finally engaged!!
He popped the question on June 23rd, and obviously, she said yes, so our sweet Connor is getting McMarried.
One thing about the ring people has noticed is its shape…
And I think Lauren Kyle might be the Oiler’s best off-season addition because, with an Oil drop that big that she’s gonna be wearing forever, I think it’s safe to say, once an Oiler always an Oiler.
More Connor McDavid talk anyone??
Chad Kroeger seems to love talking about him actually.
I was at the Nickelback concert last night where he said, and I quote from the video I have been rewatching since last night ” Connor McDavid is the best hockey player on the f*****n planet right now.” Who are any of us to disagree with Canadian rock royalty?
On the topic of Nickelback, I wanted to say if you are still pretending to be a Nickelback hater, I’m begging you to grow up. It’s not a personality trait, and it actually just makes you a liar because if you think I’ll believe a word out of a mouth that claims Burn it to The Ground doesn’t make you feral and want to run straight through a wall, you’re crazy.
Sorry, I don’t make the rules.
Finally, The NHL Awards are on Monday, so, you guessed it, More Connor talk! Because let’s be honest here, If Connor isn’t walking away with the Hart and Ted Lindsay trophies Monday night, I’ll be filing for grievances, just like the Edmonton MP did with the Taylor Swifts Eras tour. Stuart Skinner, in my opinion, is also the clear choice for the Calder trophy to me, so hopefully we can see the first-ever Edmonton Oiler to win that trophy on Monday. And how poetic would it be that an Edmonton boy comes and is the first Edmonton oiler to win the Calder trophy?! Like, come on!!
Darnell Nurse is also a finalist for the King Clancy Memorial Trophy, and this one would be amazing to win because it actually has nothing to do with on-ice performance and so much more to do with being a good human, which is what I’m sure were all striving to be so to have that recognized is really nice.
Well, with a busy week coming, I will leave you with that!
I’ll “see” you next Sunday, and until then we can chat on Twitter!

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