Sunday Scaries (ME): Long weekend edition

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Kylie Salai
10 months ago
Happy Sunday Scaries (Mondays version)
I figure since it’s a long weekend that this Monday is basically a Sunday. 
This week we finally heard about Ryan Mcleod who signed a two-year contract at 2.1 million dollars AAV outside of arbitration. 
Having the date set made me nervous, but they could get everything settled out of arbitration. side note- arbitration feels super dramatic because you’re sitting there trying to decide how much a player is worth while telling them “No you’re not worth that much to us and that’s why we’re here.”Awkward if you ask me.
Mcleod’s deal getting done leaves us to worry about what the Evan Bouchard contract looks like because after this added 2.1 million dollar cap hit that leaves us with a tiny bit over 3.5 Million dollars to work with.
The Bouchard contract is tough because he deserves more than that, but we obviously can’t give it to him right now, and you want to sign him to a long-term deal so we don’t have to worry about this again in a year or two but the cap space is so tight right now that it’s getting difficult.
Anyways silly time now because I spent the past 4 days at Big Valley Jamboree, and I encountered at least 2 let’s go Oilers chants every single day.
On Thursday at the kickoff party, Chad Brownlee got up on the stage and tried to vaguely mention the Oilers, bad move for him because the crowd chanted Let’s go Oilers so loud that I couldn’t hear a word he said. Later on in his set, he introduced one of his guitar players and he was from Calgary. The second he said the word Calgary almost everyone in the place started booing him and honestly fair enough.
On Friday night Dallas Smith admitted to being a Vancouver canucks fan, and somehow that prompted some booing followed by a Lets Go Oilers chant too.
And Sunday night (real Sunday) Dierks Bentley told the crowd that he loves Connor McDavid and the crowd went wild, and he also said that in case we didn’t believe him, he pulled out his phone and had a picture of the two of them. Legendary Duo. Unfortunately, that Let’s Go Oilers chant got so loud that I couldn’t hear the rest of whatever he was saying.
It’s all really funny to me because Oilers fans are so loyal loud and proud that even at a country music festival in Camrose, we found a way to bring the chants.
All those chants and all those Oilers fans just reminded me of how much I miss hockey season and how I cannot WAIT to be watching games again.
It also got me thinking about how often I hear these chants outside of a hockey setting, and I wanted to know:
Where is the most random place you’ve heard a let’s go Oilers chant??
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