Sunday Scaries: More Cellys, and can we give Zach Hyman a break

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Kylie Salai
1 year ago
It’s Sunday, so we’re back again, and this time, we actually have some hockey to talk about!
With five goals scored by players not named Connor or Leon, It’s safe to say it was a good night for our depth scoring. It’s nice to finally see these players getting on the board more consistently, though it would have been even better to see this earlier on. In a 5-2 win, if you’re not getting nit-picky like my friend Baggedmilk, there isn’t too much to be upset about. Especially if you made a bet with a Redwings fan that forced them to wear an Oilers Jersey as I did, not sorry Kate.
The Philly game was a wild ride, naturally, because it should have been a cakewalk…right? Wrong. Like I said last week, the Oilers gonna Oiler. Any night a goalie makes 35 saves and still gets the loss is a night his team clearly let him down. Granted, Carter Hart was putting up some good saves and even better numbers to hold us to a 2-1 shootout final. Also justice for Zach Hyman I’m so sick of this, let the guy keep his goals every now and again I’m begging.
After dropping the extra point in Philly, the guys needed to come out swinging, so continue the climb in the pacific. I was nervous for a Matinee game, and rightfully so, but the Oilers surprised me and came out on top bright and early. Zach Hyman scored a goal that counted on a penalty shot and in the wisest words of Taylor Swift “I saw something they can’t take away”. The oilers would go on to win this game 6-3 and pop up to second in the pacific.
Looking to possibly bump up to first in the Pacific, the Oilers absolutely fumbled the bag this morning.
That one will make you 6-2 your stomach…
The Oilers as previously mentioned, Oilered today, and it was embarrassing. Losing to a bottom team in a matinee game seems like a scheduled loss for us, and it sure was. We lost an 11-game point streak and Connor also lost his 15-point game streak along with it.
This coming week is a shorter week for the Oilers, with only three games on the schedule. The oilers have a rematch against the Detroit Redwings on Wednesday, the New York Rangers on Friday, and then back on the road to play Colorado on Sunday.

The Scaries/ Cellys:

A lot of the fanbase are wanting to see Holland bring in Chychrun from the Coyotes, and he was a healthy scratch in their last game so the rumours are flying. 
My fear here I think is that Ken Holland isn’t going to make any moves. He chronically thinks that “the answer is in the locker room” and looking at our defence I think it’s pretty easy to see that we need to address our defence (hence the Chychrun talk). It’s been something that we’ve needed to address for a while, and it hasn’t been at the top of his list, so I’m not sure if there’s any more pep in his step now…
In all honesty, that’s probably my only fear, the team was on an 11-game point streak so in my eyes, there isn’t a lot to be pessimistic about.
So we can CELLY!!
I mean if you read the article there’s a lot to be happy about. in the past 12 games, we have picked up points in 11 of them, and there’s not too much complaining to be done about that. We skipped our January slump and went on a heater, which is exactly what we needed to do.
We’ve been getting more and more depth scoring. Our goalies are playing better, Jack Campbell is back to himself and Stuart Skinner is getting his well-deserved rest. The Oilers are improving, and working their way up the standings because of it.
Glad to see these things, but I would love to see an improvement in our defensive end in the near future- and preferably one that isn’t shaped like an Erik Karlsson contract…
I wanted to throw in a quick thank you to everyone who has supported our Oilersnation Girls Night out in support of the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton. It has officially sold out and I couldn’t be more excited!!! If you still would like to support SACE but can’t get tickets, you can do so here.
If you are coming, I am so excited to see you and get to have the best time!
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