Sunday Scaries: Penalties, Playoffs and Greta Watch Parties

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Kylie Salai
1 year ago
We are just about one week into the 2023 Stanley Cup playoffs and all I can say is wow.
I have many different reasons for the ‘wow’ some positive, and some negative.
The positives:
  • These playoffs have been super entertaining thus far.
  • Edmonton is electric and Oilers fans are having a great time.
  • All of the series are close right now and no team can be swept.
The negatives:
  • I hate to be that girl… but the reffing inconsistencies and just the generally terrible reffing we are seeing, specifically in our Oilers vs Kings series.
In game one the Oilers blew a two-goal lead… sound familiar Leafs fans?
In what was 52 great minutes of play from the Oilers, it seemed like they were in a position to win, but as the Oilers do, they let the game slip away and let LA walk themselves back into the hockey game in the span of eight minutes. Obviously, we all know that this collapse led to the Oilers losing overtime on home ice. I was in the moss pit for this collapse and loss, and I can honestly say that the vibe didn’t die until the game was over. The Oilers faithful were not giving up on that team until they actually lost the game, but then bounced back and were ready for game day on Wednesday again with a clean slate ready to cheer on the team.
Wednesday wins babyyyyyy.
The Oilers were looking to even up the series on home ice against the Kings, and by a score of 4-2, they were able to do it. with a huge goal and the most wholesome interview ever, Klim Kostin had the GWG to secure the Oilers first playoff win of 2023. I also spent this game watching from the moss pit, and while it was chaotic, there are very few places I would rather have been for that win. The vibes were incredible, people stayed and danced to celebrate, the bars were packed, and the whole city felt like a Saturday night.
Unfortunately, Friday could not be as lucky.
The Oily boys rode into LA hot off of a win at home, but needed (and still do) at least one win in LA to get a good grip on the series, however going down 2-1 in the series was not written in the plans for this one.
The Oilersnation B-team took on Greta and hosted a watch party, the place was bussing, and everyone was having a great time. Going into overtime, there was a mix of worry and confidence inside the bar. Tensions were high and as happens at Nation events, the drinks were flowing. Now I know that overtime is usually a rollercoaster, but nothing could have prepared me for the overtimes we have seen in this series. Game one having a goal called back, and then a lame penalty followed by the GWG that, spoiler alert, was not scored by an Edmonton Oiler.
Game 3’s overtime was almost as gut-wrenching. It was looking good for the Oilers up until there was a penalty called against us putting the LA Kings on the power play in Overtime…again.
As our luck would have it, the Kings scored on the power play. To get our hopes up, the goal was almost immediately under review because Gabe Vilardi knocked the push out of the air with a high stick, then proceeded to make a play with it that led to him scoring.
I’m not sure how the NHL is still not able to get these calls right. There is puck tracking and how many cameras? We use the exact same camera angles as them and we can see that they made the wrong call on a game-winning goal in overtime IN THE PLAYOFFS.
Unfortunately, the scaries are making a return.
my first and most significant fear is discipline. The Oilers absolutely need to stay out of the box, not just tonight for game 4, but also for the rest of the playoffs. As much as I would like to blame everything on the refs, the Oilers have been taking stupid penalties and its cost us almost every time.
Second, going hand in hand with staying out of the box, is the reffing. I’ve talked enough about this one, so I will spare you.
And finally… overtime. I’m terrified of overtime.
& also Will Ferrel on the game stream, talk about a jumpscare.
What are your scarves ahead of game 4 tonight? Let me know in the comments below or over on Twitter!!

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