Sunday Scaries: Sherwood Ford, one year of Jack Campbell, Golf Tourney and The Stelter Family

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Kylie Salai
9 months ago
Happy Sunday!
This week was yet again a quiet hockey week but a big week for us at Nation HQ and surrounding areas.
On Tuesday, we got up to some shenanigans with Sherwood Ford shooting content and driving some fun cars.
We got to visit the dealership, and here’s what I learned:
Electric Vehicles are crazy. I got to drive an electric F-150 and a Mache, and both of them were so fun to drive. The acceleration on both of them, though very different vehicles are crazy.
The Mache seemed to me like a Ford-Tesla-Race car. You could draw on the screen like a sketch pad, go from 60-110km/h in half a second, sing taylor swift and carpool karaoke, whatever you want really.
The Ford F-150 normally wouldn’t be anything special, I learned to drive in a truck and big SUV’s so I was like oh this isn’t gonna be anything special… WRONG. It was like a jacked-up racecar, but the smoothest ride I’ve ever been in. Plus, I drive a Buick Verano normally, so driving a truck absolutely made me feel like a badass.
Jay also did a homerun derby at REMAX Field where the EdmontonRiverhawks play, where he tried to hit a home run for quite a while. In the end, he was able to do it and send one outside REMAX Field.
While we’re on the topic of the Oilersnation gang and all of our shenanigans, on September first you will have the chance to join us for some of your own!
Our fifth annual golf tournament is going to be on September 1st, at Millwoods golf course. I don’t know too much outside of that, but I know I went last year and had the best time. I didn’t even golf, I just drove a golf cart around and had a silly little time, but I had a blast. This year I’ve taken the time to learn how to golf, so I may participate in the tournament this year… but I also have a job to do so we’ll see about that. All I know is that it will be a blast and you all should be there.
Our real Oilers talk of the day comes in two small segments.


Jack Campbell has officially been an Edmonton Oiler for one year. Lets review.
In his first year with the Edmonton Oilers, he faced some touch critics and a lot of hate. Which by the way is a terrible way to welcome such a nice guy to Edmonton. However, in his first of five seasons with us, he played 36 games, posting a 21-9-4 record, which is pretty damn good. Unfortunately, that also came with a 3.41 goals against average and an .888 save percentage. This meant that a lot of the time Campbell was playing, the team was scoring 4+ goals to win the game. Luckily the Oilers have one of the best top 6’s in the league and are able to do that, but it puts a lot of strain on the guys playing upfront and leaves them kind of out to dry some nights. We shouldn’t need to be scoring 4+ goals to win hockey games, but Jack Campbell was not his best self last year, and he knows that, so hopefully he is able to bounce back and give us some better performances this upcoming season*.
*- he did not give us terrible performances last year, but he was average. He needs to be better, but I’m not expecting a fill 180 and for him to show up like Andrei Vasilevskiy next year either.


Ryan Mcleod is going to arbitration on August 4th. I feel like we pretty much all knew this was going to happen and we were just waiting for it to become official. From what I understand, if Ryan Mcleod is asking for anything under $4.5 Million dollars, the Oilers have to give it to him. On the flip side, if McLeod wants more than that, then he is allowed to walk and sign elsewhere.
Like I’ve been saying for weeks, and I’m basically just a broken record at this point, but I think it’s important that we keep him, he brings a lot to the team that will be hard to replace if he walks. But also $1.5 million is a lot, and I’m sure they can settle somewhere between $2 and $3 million dollars.
Finally, I just wanted to touch on Mike Stelter.
If you are unaware, Mike is Ben Stelter’s dad, and recently he took to Instagram to tell us that he has been diagnosed with cancer after dealing with back pains for a while.
The treatment he needs is not available in Canada, so his sister has set up a Gofundme page so he can go get the treatments he needs in the States.
If you are willing and able, the link to the Gofundme is here.
My thoughts go out to the Stelters, no family should need to go through any of this alone, let alone losing a child and needing to fight cancer all in the span of a year.

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