Sunday Scaries: Shootouts, Devin Shore, and cap trauma

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Kylie Salai
1 year ago
I’m starting to think that shootouts might not be our thing…
After finding themselves down 2-0 after the first, the oilers had some hard work to do if they wanted to even consider winning this hockey game. So when Nuge scored to cut the lead in half, just for the Redwings to respond instantaneously, spirits were low. At the end of the day, the Oilers were trailing for a better part of that game, and I’m impressed they even pushed it to overtime, however, when you’re the one fighting back from a deficit to get to overtime, it’s a million times more annoying when you lose. Even more annoying that I was on the losing end of the Detroit vs Edmonton bet I made with my friend this week.
Ken Holland send down Vinny Desharnais and Dylan Holloway to the minors, in an attempt to clear up the cap that allowed Kailer Yamamoto to play against the Rangers. The struggle to work around the cap situation right now leaves me wondering if there’s anything we can actually pull off at the deadline salary cap-wise… Ken Holland certainly has his work cut out for him.
After the shootout loss to Detroit, the Oilers took on the Rangers, and after building up a 4-1 lead, you’d think we could pull off the win at home. I thought so too, so I did my wave for the people.
we would all be incorrect. The Oilers let the Rangers battle back and completely erase their three-goal deficit. And, as I write this, I’m watching them pull a similar stunt against the Colorado avalanche, big yikes. Back to Thursday, the Oilers lost in back-to-back shootouts, in a game they should have easily had after the first period.
Now the Av’s game is still happening, and they had a three-goal lead, and it is now a one-goal game…
Taylor Swift once said ” I think I’ve seen this film before, and I didn’t like the ending”
My Scaries for this Sunday are as follows:
1. This broadcast has been a Devin Shore party. It’s not even my bias talking, (maybe it is) but surely there are more storylines other than the fact that he got called up for the 97th time this week and it’s his child’s birthday.
2. Mattias Janmark just scored to ease my nerves and make the game 5-3 Oilers. I mean, that wouldn’t last long but I appreciate the way Janmark tried.
3. We are in salary cap hell right now and it’s not even funny. We can’t even play our full roster and there are rumours of bringing in an $11.5 million dollar contract? I have no clue what’s going on, and the salary cap is stressing me out.
4. Can we bring back Kyle Turris on a PSO (Professional Shootout Offer)? Please, it’s the only way we will ever win a shootout.
5. And respectfully, Draisaitl in the shootout, because this drives me crazy…
Let me know your Scaries, and come chat with me on Twitter!
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See you next Sunday.


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