Sunday Scaries: The best and the worst of the 2022-23 Edmonton Oilers season

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Kylie Salai
7 months ago
Last week I asked for your input on last season and I wanted to know your highs and lows of last season and what moments stuck out to you.
Some funny ones were mentioned like “the cheesy gordita crunch fake Jim Matheson moment” from @TheRoadJones on Twitter.
Some personal hits like how OriginalPouzar booked a trip to Vegas during the playoffs for game 5 and the game was rescheduled to be during his flight home… That would be the season low for me too.
But I have combined a few comments and decided on the top and bottom 5 moments.

Worst 5

5. Hyman not being allowed to score goals.
Not sure what Gary Bettman had against Zach Hyman this year, but the guy couldn’t keep a goal to save his life.
He had nine disallowed goals, on top of his 36 allowed goals. After the first few he started to laugh them off and keep scoring, but in an interview, he joked about it and said “Yeah, I think coaches just probably challenge all my goals and have pretty good success.”
Let’s go into the 2023-24 season manifesting an extra nine goals for Hyman to make up for all of his disallowed goals this year.
4. December 17th game against the Anaheim Ducks when the Oilers outshot the Ducks 49-to-17 and still lost 4-3.
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Stuart Skinner had a .765 sv% on the night. Hard game on both sides because with 49 shots we probably should’ve scored more goals, but it’s also hard to be a goalie in a game where you’re facing an average of 5-6 shots per period. This was the most bizarre game I have ever seen in my life.
3. When Connor McDavid scored four points in one game against the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Oilers still lost.
Scoring 5 goals and losing is embarrassing enough but doing it to the blue jackets is so much worse.
2. “Most Jack Campbell starts.”
This is fair as well. I’ve talked about this before, but in most of his starts, the Oilers were able to win but had to score 4+ goals to do it. For a guy that was brought in to be our starting goalie to put up a .888 sv%, it’s quite disappointing. Campbell has made it very clear that he was not impressed with his play and he knows he can play better hockey so I fully believe he will come back this season with a bounce back.
1. The top worst moment, and it seems to be a pretty good agreement, was game five vs. Vegas.
After a great game at home for the Oilers winning 4-1, they went back to Vegas and everyone had their hopes up going back to Vegas, Connor scored the first goal of the game and it was feeling good. less than a minute later Jack Eichel evened it up, and then Zach Hyman scored to leave the first period up by one. The second period was all knights and absolutely deflating for us because they scored three goals to go up 4-2. Obviously, the game ended up being 4-3 after another Connor goal. After this game I found it hard to rally for game 6, I was already hanging my head and starting to mourn and I think that is

Best 5

5. Back-to-back shutouts.
Stuart Skinner and Jack Cambell combined for two back-to-back shutouts. The first one came courtesy of Stuart Skinner against the LA Kings on March 30th stopping 43 shots. Two days later, Jack Campbell was up to the challenge and shut out the Anaheim Ducks in a 6-0 victory where he was able to stop 36 shots and allow the Oilers to clinch their spot in the 2023 playoffs.
4. End-of-the-season heater.
In their last 21 games of the season, the Oilers were able to put up an 18-2-1 record. Talk about a playoff push! This was when the Oilers were absolutely playing their best hockey and there was nothing better than watching them absolutely stomp on teams for the last two months of the season.
3. First-round game 4 comeback.
Down 3-0 after the first game in the playoffs would be quite worrisome if you didn’t have Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl in your back pocket. A huge second period left the game tied 3-3 going into the third (cute angel numbers). Early in the third Matt Roy gave the Kings the lead and they maintained the lead for long enough that it was stressful. Evander Kane came up big for the team scoring with a little over three minutes left in the game to tie it up. In overtime Hyman was our hero, scoring a goal that would finally stay on the board.
2. Berlin Wall.
Matt Berlin, Oilers legend. The one game, one save wonder.
1. Teams’ Personal achievements
All in the same year we were able to see Mc60, L50N, Nuge 100, Stuart Skinner became the most winningest rookie goaltender in Oilers history with 29 wins, taking the record from 1981-82 Grant Fuhr.
Zach Hyman was able to crush his career high in points going from 54 to 83- and imagine if those 9 goals counted?? 92 points.
The Oilers were able to have a great season team-wise and player-wise.
Last year felt like the Oiler’s year, but so did the year before, and you know what they say.
The third time is the charm.

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