Sunday Scaries: The Edmonton Oilers are a Train, and I’m not scared of anything.

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Kylie Salai
10 months ago
On Monday night, the Oilers took on the LA Kings in LA, and Nuge was creeping up on 100. Skinner was hot, letting in only one of 21 shots, but he couldn’t keep that goal out to preserve the back-to-back shutouts. I blame Louie Debrusk for discussing it on the broadcast… talk about reverse manifesting. However, between Leon Draisaitls three-point night, a whole lot of scrappiness, and the weirdest empty net goal I have ever seen, the Oilers would do what they needed to secure a 3-1 win over the LA Kings. After a 3-1 win, I could only think about Nuge hitting 100.
NUGE 100!!!!!!!!!!!!
3-1 road win for the Oilers, and lots to celebrate. Thank god for Nuge giving us something to care about while watching one of the most boring hockey games I’ve seen in a while. I did, however, find another super embarrassing Anaheim Ducks stat- The Ducks have 34 powerplay goals on the year… Leon Draisaitl has 31. Ouch. In such a low-scoring game, you would think, “how could anything important happen?” Well, obviously Nuge 100 happened, but we also had Klim chaos for his 100th NHL game. He scored one goal and snagged an assist off of Nick Bjugstad’s goal to celebrate that milestone for himself.
Our final game of the week was a big outing in San Jose against the Sharks, with a 6-1 victory Saturday afternoon. A matinee that didn’t totally suck? I’ll take it. Mc150 and 2 more points is a win-win in my books. Five different goal-scorers in a 6-1 game is another win I will take any day of the week. It sure was nice to see Philip Broberg score in the third. A 7-game win streak coming down the stretch sure looks good too.
Another week where I can’t even fathom complaining about this hockey team.
In my eyes, this team is a train, and there’s no stopping it.
So more Cellys!!
  1. One celly in and of itself is how much we seem to be celebrating as Oilers fans. Lately, it feels surreal.
  2. We are finally able to play any type of game, proven this week. The Oilers can play a solid game against a good team, as we saw in LA on Monday. They can play in a low-scoring game or blow a team out of the water, as we saw in San Jose.
  3. The penalty kill is rocking
  4. Our powerplay is the best in the world
  5. Three players with over 100 points?!
  6. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Stuart Skinner.
  7. oh, and one of my favourite singers sang about the Oilers, and I was there to see it:
And finally, a friendly reminder:
Talk to me, people!!
I want to hear your Cellys, as per usual, in the comments or on Twitter!

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