Sunday Scaries: The Trade Deadline Looms

Kylie Salai
1 year ago
The Oilers may be the most confusing team to watch in the NHL…
Because to come out and win 7-2 in Pittsburgh just to turn around and lose 6-5 to the Columbus Blue Jackets just doesn’t make any sense.
Last week I left the article assuming the oilers were going to win against the Colorado Avalanche. I was wrong, because the Oilers went on to lose in embarrassing fashion, AGAIN.
Against the flyers, I think we can all agree it was one of the most painful wins we have seen this season. Stuart Skinner improved after the first and helped the Oilers to stay in the game, allowing them to overcome their one-goal deficit and win the game. The Oilers played a slow, lazy, and turnover-filled first half of the game, and were definitely the less deserving team to win. The Devin Shore double minor put some pep in the Oilers’ step that they needed to put home a few goals and get the much-needed win.
Oh, and Connor and Leon hit their respective 800 and 700-point milestones on the same goal. How romantic.
After this performance against the Flyers, like myself, you may have been nervous to watch the Oilers take on the Pittsburgh Penguins. The game had barely begun when the Penguins made the game 1-0. Worry not, Oilers fans, the Oilers would go on to score seven unanswered, including Devin Shore’s first goal in almost a calendar year.
One of these seven goals also happened to be Ryan Nugent-Hopkins’  600th career NHL point.
Big game, big win, and we would hope it’s a big momentum swing too…
Wrong again.
The Oilers took on the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets and wound up down 4-0 less than halfway through the second. The Oilers would go on to toy with our emotions, put on a show, and score four goals by the end of the same period. With five minutes left in the third, the Blue Jackets scored to retake the lead. and then late in the period both teams exchanged goals leaving the Oilers short, and Columbus the winners of a 6-5 game.
So after a horrifying game against the Blue Jackets, I bring to you,

Sunday Scaries:

  1. Easily number one, the trade deadline is on Wednesday, and I have absolutely no clue what’s going on. Names and rumours are flying, and we have zero wiggle room with the cap.
  2. A hard week ahead- the Oilers take on the Boston Bruins on Monday, the Toronto Maple Leafs Wednesday and then Winnipeg on Friday and Saturday. Three tough teams and four games should be a good test for the Oilers. Don’t ask me how optimistic I am, because as of right now the answer would is not very.

Sunday Cellys

  1. Nuge, Leon, and Connor hit 600, 700, and 800 career points in one week.
  2. Warren Foegle can’t be stopped
Let me know if you have anything worth celebrating, or scaring you on this fine Sunday in the comments or over on Twitter!

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