Sunday Scaries: This time it only gets scarier…

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Kylie Salai
8 months ago
To sum it up in one word — terrible.
Another week of Edmonton Oilers hockey has led to another week of disappointment. Two games worth of opportunities to do something right and both were wasted.
With Connor McDavid out of the lineup this week, the team had the chance to beat the “Connor carries” allegations and boy, did they do anything but that.
With a 3-2 lead courtesy of Warren Foegle and Evan Bouchard, the Oilers went into the third period against the Minnesota Wild and got absolutely rocked. They not only blew their lead terribly but proceeded to lose 7-4, getting scored on five, count it, FIVE times in the third period… but hey, at least Evander Kane scored a third-period goal?
On Thursday, they took on the New York Rangers at home and suddenly couldn’t find the back of the net. The Oilers lost by a score of 3-0 and saw their losing streak extend to four games.
Scary, I know, don’t say I didn’t warn you…
It is spooky season, after all.

Around the League

Former Edmonton Oiler Zach Kassian has announced his retirement from the NHL after 12 years in the league. I will never forget his impact (or Kass chops) in the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs and his hit on Logan Couture that I still need to understand how it was not charging…
Another Retirement- Joe Thornton has also retired from the NHL after playing 1714 games, scoring 1539 points.
And while it is Oilers news, it should be league news as well, it appears Connor McDavid is back for the Oilers outdoor Battle of Alberta.

Oilers Preview

Today at 5 p.m., the Heritage Classic takes place, and the only thing keeping me optimistic is the return of the Mc(David) and the fact that the flames are also terrible. Will this be a dumpster fire game? Maybe… But will I be shivering in the sky of Commonwealth to try and enjoy every minute of it? I will.
Then the Oilers have a wee break before they take on the Dallas Stars on Thursday at home, and then they take on the Nashville Predators at home, where we can pray they can win. I’m not positive this is possible, but their only win of the season came against the Nashville Predators on the road.
Realistically, the Oilers have to turn their season around and FAST, and the Heritage Classic also seems like the perfect time to do this. They can carry the hype and momentum to next Saturday with any luck and start putting some wins together.
Happy Sunday and Happy Halloween.
but more importantly,
Happy Heritage classic!!!!!

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