Sunday Scaries: Two years of Zach Hyman, Leo madness, and the Edmonton Elks…

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Kylie Salai
11 months ago
Happy Zach Hymaniversary!!
This week marks two years of Zach Hyman. What a two years it’s been for the Oilers and for Hyman himself.
He has been a difference-maker for us since we acquired him. We knew this would happen, but I never could’ve guessed the impact he would have on our team.
I will admit when the contract was first signed, I wasn’t a huge fan of it, not because of Hyman or the cost, but because of the term. I thought ‘why are we signing a 30-year-old to such a long-term deal that’s basically just gonna send him into retirement?’. Im not a huge fan of admitting when I was wrong, but in this case I will make an exception.
In his two years with the team, he has played 155 games and has scored 137 points. Considering the number of goals taken away from him last season, and even if you were to ignore them, those stats are impressive.
So in honour of Zach Hyman and his Oilers Anniversary here are some of my favourite facts about him:
  1. He is an athlete ambassador for Right to Play.
  2. Zach Hyman graduated from college, and he was a history major.
  3. He is the CEO of SoaR Gaming.
  4. He is a children’s author.
Zach Hyman is an amazing hockey player, and we are so lucky to have him on the ice, but we are even luckier to have him off the ice.

In a world where you can name your baby anything you want (just ask Elon Musk), name it some version of Leon!

The Oilers and former Oilers have been having babies like crazy lately, and a few of them have lots in common with Leon Draisaitl.
Like Tyson Barries’ son, they’re both boys, and they’re both cute, and his name is Leon’s nickname, LEO.
Also, Tyson and his son Leo are both Leos. holy tole(d)o.
Next on the list of Leons,
Leon Ekholm!
Mattias Ekholm is still enjoying Edmonton as well, or at least he’s trying to, because he was seen at the Elks game last night!
This actually leads me to my next topic which is the Edmonton Elks…
My favourite part of this discussion is that I’m a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan so how bad the Edmonton Elks are has no negative effect on me thankfully.
The Edmonton Elks have been on the downslope for a few years, but it’s getting really bad now. It really is looking like the Oilers will win a game there before the Elks do and that is a really tough look.
Their showing last night was brutal as the BC Lions came in and won 27-0, a shut-out at home to set the record for consecutive home losses in North American professional sports…
They also went 47 years without being shut out and have proceeded to do so twice this year.
Anyways, in summary, the Elks need to pull it together because even in their decade of darkness the Oilers were never this bad.

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