The 2022 NationGear Blackout Collection is live!

1 year ago
Yesterday was Thanksgiving south of the border and that means the biggest shopping weekend of the year is finally upon us, and around these parts, that also means your first look at the 2022 NationGear Blackout Collection.
For the 2022 Blackout Collection, we’ve put together four new designs that will not only make you look and feel 200% sexier than you ever have in your life but I’m also prepared to guarantee that you will instantly become more attractive to everyone around you. Everywhere you go, people will stop and ask where you got your clothes and how you got so handsome, opening the door for fellow Nation citizens to wonder why they didn’t make the same smart choice you did. Alright, so maybe that last point is an exaggeration because you’re already undeniably sexy, but my first promise remains valid because there is no doubt that these tees, toque, and hoodie are fresh to the max.
So what are we talking about exactly? I thought you’d never ask.
This year, we’ve launched a new hoodie (with upgraded materials 😍😍), t-shirt, long-sleeve tee, and toque that we’ve never done before and if I do say so myself, I cannot wait to get on my head. I don’t know if it’s my undying love of the Black Parade or Johnny Cash that has led me to wear as much black clothing as I do, but I could not be more excited about the way these turned out. Our graphic designer, Kennedy, killed it this year and I love seeing the way her hard work came to life. Picture this for a moment: You pop on a fresh Blackout hoodie and toque combo before dancing sensually after a much-needed Edmonton win. Can you see it? I can see it. I’d even go so far as to give you credit for the win.
You can check out the full Blackout Collection here.
If the Blackout collection isn’t your thing and you’d like a little more colour in your life, we’ve also got the entire 2022 Oilersnation collection up on the store as well, including this cool ass Hope Will Never Die hoodie that kinda speaks volumes considering how the season has gone so far. These babies only came out a few weeks back but they’re already flying out the door, so just like the Blackout Collection that will soon disappear, you’re not going to want to wait to grab something. I repeat, many of these items are limited edition and once they’re gone they’re gone, so I’d recommend squashing your internal desire to procrastinate to make sure you get all of your Christmas shopping done before everything sells out.

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