The 2024 NHL Trade Deadline Live Blog

4 months ago
Happy deadline day, folks! As has been the case every year for the NHL’s annual trade deadline, your ol’ pal Baggedmilk is back with the 2024 edition of the Live Blog to keep you up to date on all things Edmonton Oilers. As always, I’m parking myself in front of my laptop for the day to bring you all of the Oilers-related news that may or may not happen until the final buzzer sounds at 1 PM MT.
Are you ready? Are you fired up? Of course, you are.
Every time I sit down to write the trade deadline live blog, I can’t help but think of how much has changed when it comes to acquiring and consuming information on a day like today. I remember back when I was in my early 20s when I used to take the day off work to sit around and watch TSN all day in the hopes of hearing some news about my beloved Edmonton Oilers. From the moment I woke up until the moment the final buzzer went off, I was glued to the TV because it was the only place to get breaking news about what was happening.
Most notably, I remember one such day off back in 2007. It was on that day that my 22-year-old heart was ripped out of my chest when news broke that Ryan Smyth had been traded to the New York Islanders mere moments after Eklund announced to the Sportsnet audience that our beloved Smytty had signed a long-term extension with the Oilers. It was a devastating change of events, my friends. It was a trying day, an emotional one. It was the kind of trade deadline that leaves a scar on your psyche, you know?
Because of that horrible day when I thought our mulleted hero was going to be staying, I’ve decided to dedicate myself to bringing you all of the Oilers information you need in one spot so that it’s easy to follow along. If you’re at work or school or just looking for a place to post up for the day, this here Live Blog is the spot to be. I’ll have all of the updates you need from here in Edmonton as well as what’s going on around the NHL so you don’t have to chase that information.
Let’s get to it…


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Digging through Edmonton’s contracts over at CapFriendly, the Oilers have a handful of expiring contracts that they could consider moving provided that Ken Holland wants to go that route. That said, they’re right in the middle of a playoffs push so I can’t see them sending too much out, but I’m also a big subscriber of the whole ‘what the hell do I know’ lifestyle when it comes to this team and stranger things have certainly happened.


Mattias Janmark (UFA) – Even though Janmark will be a free agent when July rolls around, there’s no way he’s getting traded ahead of the deadline unless it’s part of a package for an upgrade. Can’t see it happening tbh.
Warren Foegele (UFA) – In the final year of his deal that pays $2.75 million, Warren Foegele has been having a solid season for the Oilers, but likely won’t fit into their long-term plans. Would knowing that he won’t be extended be enough for Holland to pull the trigger on a deal to free up his cap space?
Corey Perry (UFA) – Corey Perry has been pretty productive in his time with the Oilers, and given how there aren’t many players in the bottom six that can say the same, the likelihood of the former Hart Trophy winner being dealt is next to zero.
Vincent Desharnais (UFA) – Unless Ken Holland brings in an upgrade at RHD that pushes Ceci down to the third pairing, I can’t see any scenario where the Oilers move on from Vinny Desharnais. The big man has gotten better as the year has rolled along, and the team needs more players providing value on cheap deals as he is right now. Can’t see it happening.
Connor Brown (UFA) – The damage is done here, no? The Oilers are already on the hook for his $3.25 million bonus, and trading him at this stage won’t help with that, so I’d be stunned if Brown moves here today.


2024 Draft Picks – As of this morning, the Oilers have their 2nd, 5th, 6th (x2), and 7th round picks available for the 2024 NHL Entry Draft, and I wonder how interested Ken Holland will be to move those picks for immediate help. Given that anyone drafted this year would be years away from helping the Oilers compete, my preference would be for the team to spend those bullets, but they’ve also been reluctant to do so in the past.
2025 1st Round Pick – Would I unload future assets to help with what’s happening down the stretch? Yes. Unload the clip. Spend, spend, spend. It’s not like the Oilers have had much success with drafting and developing, you know?


Brett Kulak (two more years at $2.75m) – I can absolutely understand why teams would want Brett Kulak. The guy is reliable defensively, chips in with the odd goal from time to time, and makes it all happen at less than $3 million per season. Even though I’d be surprised if Holland moves Kulak to clear space for Broberg, I can absolutely see some other team kicking tires to see if he can shake loose. Personally, I think that would be a bad idea, but I’m not in control of anything apart from this Live Blog so who am I to say what’s right and wrong?
Derek Ryan (one more year at $900k) – Highly unlikely that DR moves given that he’s one of the few right-handed centremen this team has, and also the fact that he takes a tonne of draws for the Oilers in the defensive zone. Could he be moved as a cap dump to bolster the bottom six? I guess so, but a move for Ryan at this stage of his career really does seem farfetched at this stage.
Jack Campbell (three more years at $5m) – It’s not going to happen, but I may as well include the guy’s name here anyway.


Since I’ll be kicking it at Nation HQ all day with nothing else to do but blog, I’ll be spending the day cruising the Internet for Oilers news so that you don’t have to do it yourself. If I find any rumours or interesting tidbits about what ol’ Ken might be up to today, I will toss those tasty little nuggets right in here. If you’re not on Twitter, this section will be the spot to watch for anything noteworthy from the insiders, beat guys, or otherwise.


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Don’t care about my nonsense and want to skip right to the updates? You can find those here, friend.
  • 8:00 am MT – Rise and Shine, Nation. It’s deadline day and that means we’ve got a full day of staring at our screen ahead of us, as we hope Ken Holland and his management team can make another move or two to improve the Oilers’ roster for the stretch drive. DNB from The Athletic feels as though the Oilers may be done, but I’m really hoping that’s not the case given how boring this live blog will end up if he’s right.
  • 8:07 am MT – The biggest thing I want to know today is whether or not Seattle signs Jordan Eberle to an extension. If not? Maybe? Dare to dream?
  • 9:06 am MT – Man, the Hurricanes are loading up, huh? They got Guentzel last night for a truck load of picks and players and then added Kuznetsov for magic beans this morning. Ridiculous.
  • 9:07 am MT – The Kraken just re-signed Jordan Eberle to a two-year deal at $4.75 million. BOOOOOOO!
  • 9:12 am MT – There are indications that the Oilers are done with Jordan Eberle off the board. That sucks so bad. So, so bad.
  • 9:25 am MT – Tyler Toffoli to the Jets. BOOOOOO once more.
  • 9:30 am MT – Has Ken Holland gone even close to all-in in his five years as Oilers GM? I mean, the guy gets paid $5 million/year and seems content to nibble around the edges at best. I don’t get it.
  • 9:45 am MT – Pat Maroon to the Bruins for a 6th round pick. Here’s hoping Jack Edwards has learned to play nice.
  • 10:10 am MT – The NHL Department of Player Safety announced that Evander Kane has been fined $2500 for unsportsmanlike conduct, but no one seems to know what he did.
  • 10:27 am MT – If you’re looking for a recap of all the trades that have happened today, Daily Faceoff has a live trade tracker rolling all day long.
  • 10:29 am MT – The Tyler Toffoli deal is so cheap that it personally hurts my feelings. A 2024 3rd round pick and a 2024th 2nd round pick for Toffoli retained at 50% seems like a steal.
  • 11:23 am MT – Highlight of my deadline day might be the massive team order I just put in at Oodle Noodle.
  • 11:38 am MT – Not gonna lie. Feeling pretty dejected. Was hoping the Oilers would do more to help out the back end.
  • 12:30 pm MT – 30 minutes until the deadline. Disappointing day for the Oilers, but maybe that’s just me?
  • 1:02 pm MT – Vegas adds Hertl, Mantha, and Hanifin after winning the Stanley Cup. I hate it here.
  • 1:56 pm MT – That’s all she wrote. How do you grade the Oilers’ trade deadline?

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