The Best Oilers Trio For Pond Hockey

By Woz
10 months ago
With the crew heading to Jasper this afternoon to participate in the Jasper Pond Hockey Tournament, it had me wondering: What would be the best Oilers trio to play pond hockey with? It would essentially be the Pond of Dreams but with only players who represented the Oilers.

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Of course, this can be a mix of former and current Oilers! I asked across ON Socials (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) and got some wild trios!


Commando Pisani with an all-time lineup of Ulanov, Nedved, and Zelepukin. Who all had a combined 130 games for the Edmonton Oilers. I could see these three brewing up some magic on the pond.
Another all-European Oilers lineup! I swear we’re going to find some of the most random Oilers to ever dress for the team in this article. I still wish we got to see Yakimov and Yakupov take the ice together in Oilers’ uniforms.
You can never go wrong with a mix of Oilers icons representing each era. Now I really hope one day the Oilers can put on an event where the alumni play with current Oilers. Just once I’d love to see Smyth, McDavid, and Gretzky take the ice together. Unless they already have and I completely missed it.
How about a couple of the Young Guns? I’d be VERY interested to see this team up against the Ulanov, Nedved, and Zelepukin line. The more I write this article the more I realize the Oilers need to do a pond hockey tournament with former and current Oilers. If EVER possible. Maybe street hockey?!


CALLING ALL CAPTAINS! Maybe have Shawn Horcoff on the bench just in case Wayne gets a little gassed?!
What I would do to see the Polish Prince take the ice in an Oilers uniform just once. For reference I am Polish so I’m a little biased towards this lineup. You can’t forget Oilers cult heroes like Rob Schremp and Linus Omark! Linus would be doing spin moves around everyone.
The Grizzled Vet in Derek Ryan. The man who we kept forever in Nuge and Devin Shore who would probably give you a few laughs. Shore might not be the most favourable fourth liner but I bet he just brings good energy into the room and I’m sure he’d do the same at a pond hockey game or tournament!
The Triple P’s! I’m sure Potulny and Puljujarvi can reminisce about playing in the Finnish League. Other than then all three players names starting with a P, I have no idea what they have in common but I’m all for it.
Not a lineup but a neat story from Richard of how he once played road hockey with a few Oilers and Messier broke his sunglasses with a slap shot from a tennis ball. Throwback to the days when the Oilers would randomly show up out of nowhere and play street hockey with kids. That was a thing right?!

We had lots of love for Chris Pronger and who wouldn’t want him on the backend? This team sounds like a force to be reckoned with, especially with Messier and Nurse.
Seeing this lineup makes me wonder what that 2006 team would’ve been like with current day Connor McDavid. Probably guaranteed Stanley Cup and maybe Chris Pronger would’ve stayed?! And hey, Ales Hemsky was on the ice for Connor McDavid’s first NHL goal! A little bit of a connection here.


What this article has taught me is that we need an all-time Oilers pond hockey tournament in Jasper. Now that’s probably not possible because of the NHL schedule. For my lineup, I’ll go with Sam Gagner, Robert Nilsson, and Andrew Cogliano. The original kid line for the Oilers?! Give your Oilers Pond Hockey of Dreams!

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