We want you to join us for the January 22nd BOA… hopefully

1 year ago
Provided that the game actually happens as planned, we scored a bunch of tickets to the January 22nd edition of the BOA and you’re all invited to join us!
Back in November, we were able to throw our first viewing party in nearly two years and it was one of those nights where we all realized how lucky we are to have this incredible community and also how much fun it is when we all get in the same room. With that in mind, we wanted to try and put another event on the books as quickly as we possibly could to get the band back together for a night to remember provided that you feel comfortable attending. If you are feeling up for watching a game with us, we purchased a block of tickets for the January 22nd BOA where we can all sit amongst fellow citizens and cheer on our boys as they look to secure yet another BOA win. Not only will we be going to the game as a crew, but we’ll also be holding a small event before puck drop at a spot downtown with everyone in attendance getting a swag bag, their ticket, and entry into some cool prize draws we have planned. If the world can get itself in order to make this night happen without postponement then I promise you will have a great time and make some memories with the coolest Internet folks you may not have met yet.
And what happens if the game is postponed? Good question. Seeing as COVID don’t give a hoot about any of our plans and that the NHL’s schedule has taken more twists than a pretzel, we know that there’s a possibility that this game will also get moved and that’s why we will refund 100% of your purchase in the event that the game doesn’t happen.
I repeat: no game = full refund.


Aside from making sure we’re all well hydrated, we’ve got the usual swag bags planned along with a bunch of other ideas to get you primed for puck drop. What does that look like for an agenda? I thought you’d never ask!
Date & Time: Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 — Doors open at 4:00 p.m.
Location: A bar downtown (yet to be determined)
How Much: $169 per person
What You Get: A ticket to the game, entry to the event, T-Shirt, GCs, and stickers are included in the swag bag – please remember to select your size!
Tickets: Available right here!
As a note, we’ll be following provincial guidelines for the event, meaning a vaccine passport will be required before entry. Plan ahead, friends!

TL;DR – No Game = Full Refund

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