We’re going to Seattle for a #NationVacation and you’re all invited to join us

11 months ago
If there’s one thing I absolutely love to write about, it’s telling all of you about our upcoming travel plans for the season. That’s why I’m excited to be writing this article to announce our first-ever #NationVacation to Seattle.
One of the first things we always do at Nation HQ whenever the new hockey schedule comes out is scour the road dates for #NationVacation opportunities., and this year we decided to do something a little bit different. Rather than our usual trip to Vegas — it couldn’t happen this year because they play on a Monday or something — we’ve decided to hit up a new city for some new adventures. This time, the #NationVacation is going to Seattle for a weekend of sports you will never forget. On November 10th, 2023, we’re hitting the road to cheer on the boys and make some memories with Internet friends you may or may not have met yet.
If you’ve never been on one of our trips before, the whole point of the weekend is to put on a hockey experience that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. Not only is it fantastic to cheer on our boys in a barn behind enemy lines, but to do it with fellow Nation Citizens adds a special layer of awesomeness that you have to feel for yourself. Celebrating together online is always fun, but doing it in another city and high-fiving for real is something else entirely. This time around, however, Yes, we will absolutely be going to watch the boys take on Seattle at their fancy new barn and screaming after McGoals, but instead of our usual watch party the night before, the second item on our mega-fun weekend to-do list is the football game on Sunday.
Are you excited? I’m really, really excited.

Interested? Of course you are. Here are the details…

Now that I’ve convinced you to be on this trip of trips with us, you’ll need some info about what’s going down, where to get your tickets, and the travel dates. Thankfully, your ol’ pal Baggedmilk has all the info you need right here in a tidy little list.
  • When: November 10 – 12th
  • Where we’re staying: Four Points by Sheraton Downtown Seattle
  • What you get: Your flights, three nights at the hotel, a ticket to the hockey game (Edmonton vs. Seattle), and a ticket to the football game the very next day (Seattle vs. Washington).
  • How Much: The total cost for the trip, flight, hotel, and entry to the game is $1999 per person (based on double occupancy) 
  • Tickets: Ready to dive in? Click this link.
Much like every time we’ve ever done a trip like this, our first-ever #NationVacation to Seattle is going to sell out quickly so you’ll want to get your spot locked in as soon as possible. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell the nearest stranger on the street that we’re heading to Seattle in November and you’re all invited to join us.
As a final note, everyone that attends the trip will be required to sign a waiver absolving Oilersnation of any liability for your actions while on the trip. If anyone would like to see the waiver ahead of time, feel free to reach out and we will send you a copy.

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