Which Edmonton Oilers stood out in October?

By Woz
1 year ago
With the first month of the NHL season in the books, it’s time to look at who you thought was the most impressive for the Edmonton Oilers for the month of October. This question was raised across social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Twitter!


Three names that stood out for many were Nuge, Skinner and McLeod. After nine games Ryan McLeod has put up three goals, not a ton but definitely on pace to score twenty goals this year. Whenever I watch McLeod it feels like I’m watching McDavid lite to a small extent with the way he skates past players. The rise of McLeod will for sure be a sight to behold this season. Nuge of course with eleven points in nine games, five goals. Stuart Skinner also has looked nearly perfect when called upon in the Oilers crease.
Zach Hyman, the man is just a workhorse out there and you can tell he gives it his all. What’s great about Zach Hyman is that he never seems to give up. Extremely strong on the puck and is vital on both the penalty kill and powerplay. When I think about Hyman, I think consistency and that’s what he’s been this past month.
Does a costume count? to be fair I think we can all agree that Jesse Puljujarvi won Halloween with his Darla Sherman costume from Finding Nemo.


Ryan McLeod and Stuart Skinner of course getting a lot of recognition for the month of October. Maybe the month of November is when we see Dylan Holloway take off? I think the hope for this month has to be that both Skinner and McLeod can stay consistent. Consistency is key.
Connor McDavid. He had to be mentioned at some point with the way he’s started the year. Two hat-tricks in one month? Unreal. We all know how good Connor is but it feels like he’s taking his game to another level we haven’t seen. How is that possible? GREAT QUESTION! We might just be witnessing the beginning of what will go down as Connor McDavid’s statement season.
How about a little bit of love for Darnell Nurse? Nurse with two goals and three assists to start the year! While I don’t believe he’s been perfect, he has impressed me at times. If he can just tidy up the defensive side of his game, which has also been good, we’ll be golden. Maybe less penalties? Regardless Darnell has started the season well and there’s only room for improvement from here.


There is just a long list of loveable Oilers right now isn’t there? Stu with his mustache and fantastic goaltending abilities. Hyman with his work ethic and ability to score important goals. Hyman really is just everything you want in a hockey player.
POOL PARTY LOVE! And not for his costume! Zach Laing has mentioned this on The Day After Reaction. Puljujarvi’s been getting more physical and we love to see it. The third line in general has been working well for the Oilers with Foegele, McLeod and Puljujarvi. Sure he’s not scoring but he’s been effective.
Nuge’s production is what’s really caught me off guard as well and for all the right reasons. It feels like Oilers fans are getting the Nuge they’ve always wanted. We all know how smart and useful he can be but it feels without the production it’s not as noticeable. Good to see Nuggy lighting it up honestly.
So many stand outs to start the season for the Oilers. McLeod, McDavid, Draisaitl, Nugent-Hopkins. The list can go on! It’s nice to production and consistency from more than just two players. Fingers crossed it continues or for more players to step up and improve.

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