Your Thoughts: First Impressions of Mattias Ekholm

By Woz
1 year ago
With the trade deadline over and new additions on the ice for the Edmonton Oilers, that can only mean one thing. Getting your thoughts! Mattias Ekholm now has a few games under his belt as an Oiler! Let’s get your thoughts on him so far!
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Kieran feels he hasn’t been noticeable however will become a big, important part of the d-core. I also do believe the playoffs will be a great determination of what we have in Mattias Ekholm.
If you’re a fan of Vikings or love Norse mythology, you’ll also enjoy Mattias Ekholm’s beard, which must’ve been created in the halls of Valhalla.
Ragsmarie noticed his hockey IQ on full display already. I’ve loved his defensive awareness as well as the placement of the puck. He knows how to move it. You can just tell how much experience Mattias Ekholm has at this level with the way he defends, moves the puck, and communicates well.


Nancy is referring to the second matchup against Winnipeg this past weekend. Not only has the defensive side of his game been noticeable but the way he can move the puck. I’m sure Connor McDavid has loved his handling of the puck thus far.
Not sure if it says anything about the Oilers when your newly acquired d-man is already being touted as the best defenseman on the team. Lots are hopeful that he will be the mentor Evan Bouchard needs since the departure of Duncan Keith. I like the idea of Ekholm being a partner, not only just for Bouchard but Broberg as well. It’s always good to remember our defenseman are still young. Too good for the AHL, good enough for the NHL but need to raise their game in order to make an impact every night and a man like Ekholm can shed wisdom on how to do that I believe!
Ashley with a nice critique. Ekholm does solidify the problem where the Oilers lacked someone who can defend consistently and get the puck out of his zone. And I agree with Ashley, it’s time this team tries to stop out-scoring the defensive lapses and hold onto leads. Not letting teams back into the game. Tighter team defense will result in fewer headaches the next day.


I’ve noticed this take a lot. The best D-man since Chris Pronger!? I wouldn’t doubt that, but it also says a lot about the organization. Regardless we should be blessed that we finally have a Pronger-type of defenseman during the most important years of the McDavid era.
When we first heard the Oilers linked with Mattias Ekholm, we immediately thought “DEFENSE” and didn’t imagine how well he’d be at passing the puck! He’s already starting to rack up the points as well!
“He’s our best d man and it’s not particularly close” Dyl is right, no one can play the game as calmly and defensively as Ekholm on the Oilers’ blue line. You wish you could get that out of Darnell Nurse but I believe Mattias is the man to take the pressure and workload off of Nurse’s shoulder so he can also play a strong game for Edmonton on the backend.


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