Your Thoughts: Predicting the Oilers 2023 Trade Deadline

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By Woz
1 year ago
The list of players linked to the Oilers continues to grow as we approach the NHL Trade Deadline! On Oilersnation Socials I asked for predictions for this year’s deadline, let’s see what you had to say!
Before getting into the article I’d like to say this piece is purely to involve the community of Oilersnation on the website. Comments are selected from Oilersnation social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Articles such as this are intended to be fun and engaging


Many like Memeon_draisaitl are predicting the Edmonton Oilers will do nothing! Now that doesn’t sound appealing at all to Oilers fans. Let’s hope March 3rd isn’t as grim as forecasted.
Regardless of what happens, Oilers fans will be pissed! There’s no doubt about that however same can be said even when they win! The Oilers could win 10-0 but someone will make a complaint about Darnell Nurse or whoever. But back to the trade talk, one deal could set the fanbase ablaze instead of euphoria.
Excuse me for my lack of player knowledge but I had to google the first two players Rob listed. Maybe this is Ken Holland’s burner account on Instagram? However, the idea of trading Matvei Petrov isn’t the worst proposition in my opinion.


Austin are you reading Ken Holland’s mind? It’s either this response or “The emergence of Vincent Desharnais was like a deadline acquisition”
Craig Hall believes we are going ALL-IN! Wait, can we trade 2045 draft picks yet? I can understand Craig’s itch to move on! Don’t worry, the dust will settle soon and then we can focus on the playoff push.
More of a realistic thought from Joel. I like the idea of taking a run at Chychurn one last time. Tyler Yaremchuk on Oilersnation After Dark pondered if Arizona will become desperate and ask for less. Would be awesome if we didn’t need to give a first round pick but regardless it should be in play for someone like Chychurn. My only gripe with the Coyotes’ defenseman is his injury history.


Peter is basically saying what I said about Desharnais. Possibly Broberg instead? Watch him go to Detroit and trade for Nyquist who won’t be available until the playoffs.
What is the dream solution for this year’s trade deadline not named “Erik Karlsson”? Give me Chychrun and someone who can win defensive zone faceoffs any day of the week.
It wouldn’t be an Oilers trade deadline without acquiring someone who’s from Alberta. Or maybe that was just last season with Brett Kulak. Hilarious response from Ranger Bob on Twitter.

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