After a long summer of arguing and waiting, the NHL season is right around the corner and that means it’s time for us to throw another party. We wanted a take-2 on last year’s season and decided that we would celebrate the start of the second year of Connor’s reign over Oil Country. Thanks to our friends at AMA Travel, Cornerstone Insurance, the Pint, Oodle Noodle, and United Cycle we’ve got a big night planned for you complete with raffles, swag bags, and two trips (valued at $5000 each) for two to the outdoor game in Winnipeg.
If you’re anything like me you’ve likely spent the summer arguing about the Taylor Hall trade, recharging your Oiler batteries after another miserable season, and, from there, counting down the days until we’re allowed to watch Connor again. Even though we’ve all only seen our beloved McDavid rocking the blue and orange silks for 45 NHL games, it still doesn’t seem real for some reason. I think this year is going to be different, and we’re throwing a party that backs up that sentiment. René Descartes was famously quoted as saying, “I think, therefore I am” and I think I am going to be getting ladder match bunged up on October 14th at the Pint Downtown. 


There are few certainties in life and for many years the only thing we’ve had to set our watch to was the realization that we’ll be cheering for another draft lottery come June. This year, we truly feel like things will be different around here. We’re not saying that we should plan the parade route, but I honestly believe that we’ll be throwing away the prospect profiles. This is the year that our beloved gang of misfits are going to make a move, and we wanted to kick things off with a party for the ages. 
TL;DR? Here’s what you need to know:
  • Where: The Pint Downtown
  • When: Friday, October 14th at 5pm
  • Why: Because we’ve got a hankerin’ for some partyin’ 
  • How: Tickets are available here
Cool? Cool.


On Friday, October 14th, we will be taking over the Pint Downtown (doors open at 5pm) to celebrate the start of the 2016/17 season. With Rogers Place kicking off on October 12th, we wanted to wait a couple days and kick things off on the team’s first road trip of the season which just so happens to be a Battle of Alberta down in Calgary.
Tickets are on sale now for $29 and will remain on sale straight through until the date of the party, or until they sell out — whichever happens first. Before you ask, yes you will need a ticket if you want a chance to win any of the prizing we’ve put together for the party, and, most importantly, to be eligible to win the trip to the outdoor game in Winnipeg. This year, proceeds from the party will go to our friends, the Edmonton Ski Club. 
What is the Edmonton Ski Club? From their website:
The Edmonton Ski Club has been a hub for ski instruction and athlete training since 1911.  Open to the public, the ESC offers ski runs for all levels, a challenging terrain park, ski and snowboard lessons for children and adults, kids snow day camps, school programming, and group rental opportunities for the community. Make the ESC your place to learn and LOVE snow sports in Edmonton.  We look forward to seeing you and your family on the hill!
In other words, this is a great, local organization and we’re happy to help them out in any way we can. We’re hoping to raise as much money as possible, so we’re asking you to abstain from buying those Hello Kitty stickers you’ve been eyeing up and come to the Season Opener Party instead. 


For each ticket you buy, you’ll get an exclusive season opener t-shirt, a $20 Pint GC, $10 Oodle Noodle GC, a Nation sticker package, and, most importantly, a chance to win one of two(!!!!) Nation road trips to the outdoor game in Winnipeg as presented by AMA Travel! Most importantly you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that the money spent on tickets will be going to a great cause. We have seen the light, Nation. It’s time to embrace it!
See you on October 14th!