If you’re into fantasy hockey and want an edge that will make you the envy of the rest of your league then you’re going to want to get in on this FREE draft kit from our friends over at Daily Faceoff. In the past, the boys at DFO have put this draft kit together kind of like a magazine and sold it for $5, but this year they decided to make the whole thing free. And not only will this baby be 100% free, but they’ll also be updating the draft kit all season long at DailyFaceoff.com.
As I mentioned, putting the draft kit out for free on the website allows the boys to continuously add and edit as the season progresses. Because really, who wants to have a draft kit that’s months old when you’re trying to shut down Karen from accounting in the company pool? GET OUTTA HERE, KAREN! YOU’RE DOING DOWN!
Anyway… What’s included? I thought you’d never ask.


Top 300 Projections

  • Detailed projections for the DFO Top 300. Projections include Goals, Assists, Points, Power-Play Goals, Power-Play Assists, Power-Play Points, Shots on Goal, Penalty Minutes, Hits and Blocked Shots

Cheat Sheets

  • Six printable Draft Cheat Sheets; including separate Cheat Sheets for ESPN/Yahoo Position Eligibility. With or Without Projections. Sorted by Position.


Happy fantasy GMing, friends. May the force be with you but mostly with me.