Hmm… So that didn’t go well at all… Final score 6-2 St. Louis.
If there’s one thing the Oilers are good at, it has to be letting the other team get a tonne of shots! From puck drop to finish, the Blues dominated this game. The Oilers had the odd spurt where they were able to keep up, but in the end they were outmatched and outplayed. Actually, the 3rd period was probably one of the Oilers’ worst periods of the season. After managing to keep things tied 2-2 after two periods, the wheels completely fell off for 4 goals in the 3rd. It was ugly. $12 hooker ugly. One of the few (only?) bright spots had to be David Perron annoying every single player on the Blues bench. The guy is a champion and the Oilers could use another dozen of him. Aside from that… crickets.  
Apart from the shitacular hockey game, the Twitter gong rang loudly when Darren Dreger said that the Oilers are shopping Yakupov but that nobody wants him unless he is packaged with another player. Of course, Dreger touched on +/- and Yak’s lack of goals, but the weirdest comment was about Yakupov’s “lack of dedication.” Pretty sure there are a lot of stories about Yak being the last player on the ice and running the stairs after practice. Lack of dedication, huh? Not sure where it comes from, but Dreger has been beating the “trade Yakupov even though no one wants him” drum all season. With Hemsky gone, and no one to replace him on the right side, I can’t see Yakupov moving any time soon.
Let’s wrap this one up…

The Bright Side

  • David Perron scored a goal, was infinitely annoying
  • Mark Fraser scored for the first time in 4 years
  • Kept the Blues to under 50 shots

The Face Palmers

  • Shorthanded 2 on 1s… Seriously.
  • Sabotka’s goal made us all look stupid
  • Darren Dreger’s “Yakupov is a goner but nobody wants him” theory
  • 3rd period bad
  • Nuge Drought 2014 continues… #PrayForNuge

Best of the Tweets

Let’s keep the bad jokes coming, people. We’re all in this together.