We cheered, we cried, we kissed 2 points goodbye. Final Score: 5-4 Sharks
Even on a bad day the San Jose Sharks are WAAAY better than the Oilers and, after seeing them twice in two weeks, it’s obvious how much work still needs to be done. If the “Scrivens Will Save Us” game plan doesn’t work, we tend to be in a world of trouble. Unless the Oilers make drastic changes in the offseason, I can’t see there being any playoffs next year. I know, I’m sorry…just writing that sentence bummed me out.
You have to give the Oilers credit. Half of the roster is out with injury and they still managed to stick around in this game.  Not to mention, our Lil Nugey had a man sized game out there! One of the biggest problems was that they could not stay out of the penalty box. David Perron, especially, has to be more disciplined. He took 3 gross penalties tonight – his 2nd penalty led to the game winning goal. I love a good DP as much as the next guy but that was painful. The Sharks didn’t play their best game, but when you give them 7 power plays there’s a very good chance you will lose.
Let’s wrap it up…

The Bright Side

  • There was no Rexall DJ to make fun of
  • Taylor Hall has a hell of a shot
  • Lil Nugey had a big game and a lunchbox full of sugar. He’ll sleep well tonight.
  • Turns out the Hall-Nuge-Eberle line is pretty good
  • The Sharks couldn’t even get a shorthanded 2 on 1

The Face Palmers

  • There was no Rexall DJ to make fun of
  • Will Acton bought a new truck and Sportsnet needed to tell us about it
  • Draft Position Whiners are happy once again
  • Sportsnet Spell/Fact Checkers

Best of the Tweets

Sit Down with Gene Principe

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