Testosterone gets Shea Weber injections. He is a terrifying man. Despite his terrifyingness, he was no match for the mighty Oil. Final Score: 5-1 Oilers
This weekend, a friend of mine offered me tickets to either tonight’s game against Nashville or Thursday’s game against Buffalo – oh the choices! Since I would rather watch Shea Weber play than cry over basement battles, I chose tonight’s game rather than Buffalo. One thing is for sure, seeing both Shea Weber AND Seth Jones on the same team is a little bit frustrating. The Oilers defence is so far behind what the Predators have it is almost cry worthy. Maybe it’s time to give Grebeshkov another look? Regardless, the good guys won and that’s all that matters.
Tonight’s game was a shining example of “where the hell did that come from?” Not only did the Oilers play a full 60 minutes, they defended each other AND outshot the other team. Let me give you a minute to let all that soak in.  It was beautiful. I’m tired of watching losing hockey and I don’t even care if the Oilers win themselves out of a lottery spot. The “ARGHHHH I’M ANGRY THAT THE OILERS SUCK. BLARRRGGHH I’M ANGRY THAT THEY WON BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT SUCKING AS BAD” makes no sense to me. At least the whiners don’t have to worry about it, Florida beat San Jose so we’re still in 29th place.
Let’s wrap this thing up…

The Bright Side

  • Viktor Fasth was a Swedish warlord in the net
  • The Old Dutch snack attack ALMOST came to my section
  • NUUUUUUUUUGE! Let the flood gates open
  • Return of the Ebersqueeeeeee

The Face Palmers

  • Eberle gets runs from behind, baby Nuge comes in to save him
  • Rexall DJ played neither Billy Idol nor Cotton Eye Joe
  • 3 Rexall beers cost 4x as much as my cab ride home
  • Jesse Joensuu didn’t play because he hurt himself kicking the boards
  • The fans that are pissed off about wins because they want another lottery pick

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