Oilers fans will fall into one of three camps on Sunday, Feb 1, 2008.

Camp One

People who say “There’s a football game today?” as they happily bundle themselves into their cars and head to RX1 to watch the Oilers play the Predators at noon on the very same Sunday as Superbowl 43.

Camp Two

People who say “There’s an Oilers game today?” as they happily sit on their couch watching hour 498 of Super Bowl pre-game coverage documenting the early trials and tribulations of Pittsburgh Tight End Sean McHugh in excruciating detail.

Camp Three

Easy going fans who will switch back and forth between the two games, watching the Oilers if they are winning and tuning in to catch the end of the fourth quarter.
Whatever camp you are party to we salute you. We sort of fall into Camp three except that we love Super Bowl parties so very much. By the time you read this, in fact, we are most likely already on our way to Wobbly Town due to the Bud Light Express.
In any event, it sucks that the Oilers play before the Super Bowl. Unless they beat the Predators of course.
Then it was the greatest idea that was ever hatched.
Superbowl 43 Prediction: We will win the annual Coin Toss bet against our boy Smigerowski. Believe that.