Happy 23rd birthday, Connor!
People usually don’t like you when you’re 23, but come on — everybody likes Connor McDavid.
Connor comes into the 23rd year of his life as one of, if not the best NHL players, and finishes scoring the 5th-most points before turning 23 with an amazing 443 points, according to Sportsnet Stats.
What’s incredible is that McDavid is just entering his prime. The truth is the sky continues to be the limit for what he can do. McDavid has continued to get better every year in the league, which is what you’d expect for any player around his age.
But with McDavid, it’s different. He’s showing more and more his ability to completely take over games when he wants to. Highlight reel goals against the @Toronto Maple Leafs and @Calgary Flames within the last week show his hockey IQ is only getting better.
Not only that, but he continues to grow in his on-ice abilities. McDavid’s ability to separate from other skaters is absolutely second to none anywhere in the world right now.
Even beyond the points, McDavid has begun to collect an impressive set of hardware for himself. A Hart trophy, two Art Ross Trophies and a pair of Lester B. Pearson trophies. Not bad for only being 23.
What’s next is obviously a big push in the playoffs and Stanley Cup rings on his fingers. Edmonton is getting closer to being a perennial playoff team and it’s important the club utilizes the need to surround him with talent.
Connor still has six years after this on his $12.5-million which sooner rather than later will be a steal of a deal.
McDavid is truly a generational talent, and it’s an absolute treat to be able to watch him night in and night out. It’s crazy to think he’s going to continue to get better as time passes.
How do you think Connor is spending his big day?
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