Here we are with a brand-spankin’ new episode of Oilersnation Radio to get you set for the weekend. Are you excited? Of course you are. This week, we were very happy to welcome Jillian Fisher to the show to talk about her journey as a hockey influencer and viral video star.
To start off this week’s episode, we kicked things off with a look back at Jillian Fisher’s story and how she got into making the viral videos that have taken over hockey Twitter for the past few years. After starting out making videos for fun, Jillian’s star has grown on social media and that’s given her all kinds of opportunities around the league, which was a lot of fun to hear about first hand. We also talked about how fans around the league react to her videos and which city features the shittiest people. Needless to say, it was a fun conversation. Next up, we checked in with the Sherwood Ford Giant Question of the day which looked at the best sports memorabilia that we’ve ever received for Christmas. Considering Tyler is our resident jersey guy and the person that comes up with these questions, we went in assuming that his gifts are generally all sports related and that he would have the best stories. As it turns out, we were right. Lastly, we finished off the podcast with another round of Hot and Cold Performers of the week as we tried to figure out what it would take to get our boys back on track.
Listen to this week’s podcast below:
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