The times, they are dire but the motto of Hope Will Never Die applies now more than ever. The Oilers are down 3-0 in the series and it’s not looking good. Edmonton hasn’t score in the first period of any of the series so far. They have been down 3-0, 2-0 and 3-0 in each game so far and that needs to change to be able to mount this comeback.
About 15 minutes prior to game time, the stream will be live here:

The Jerseys:

You asked and so we are going to leave our nightly jersey match up, to you fans on our social media and so stay tuned to that.
Here are today’s choices:

The Lineups:

You gave me the honour (and the curse haha) of setting the lineups for the boys on a nightly basis, and so I will. Tonight’s lineups:
@Mikko Koskinen will return to his net. I am on the fence between sliding up Yam to the top line. Can’t decide. Game time decision.

The Forwards:

Ennis – McDavid – Kassian
RNH – NeonLeon – Yam
AA – Sheahan – Archibald
Neal – Haas – Nygard

The Defence:

Klef – Larsson
Nurse – Bear
Jones – Green

The Netminder:


The Winners:

Every single game day, we give away entries into draws to win prizes announced during #NationHappyHour.
Speaking of Nation Happy Hour, the rest of the series schedule.

The Other Series:

I have taken some time in the past to write a big article wrapping all the other series.
Now with only two series going on, and then with only one more remaining… I figured I will just include recaps here.

Metropolitan 1 Seed – Washington Capitals vs Wild Card 2 Seed – New York Islanders:

Game Three:
The Wrap: 

1st –

NYI – 13:00 Nelson (Brassard)

2nd –

NYI – 1:02 Lee (Eberle, Barzal)
WAS – 5:26 Oshie (Backstrom)
NYI – 18:22 Beauvillier (Leddy, Nelson)


WAS – 4:49 Ovechkin (Backstrom, Oshie)

Three Fists-

3. WAS T. Oshie (1G, 1A)
2. NYI A. Beauvillier (1G)
1. NYI B. Nelson (1G, 1A)
The Wrap: 
In a weird twist that just kind of gets added to the pile of weird twists that consistently happen with these streams, I wrote out the recap of Game Two in the previous game thread, but for some reason, that edit got wiped. So suffice to say, from what I remember, the Capitals dominated and Ovie was on fire again with 2 goals and an assist.
This game was a busy game for the Islanders. Out-shooting the Caps, 2-1 total. All over Holtby and he just couldn’t stop it.

Life After The Playoffs:

The reality is, this fun ride will end. I hope not tonight, or Thursday night.. or even anytime soon after that (obviously).
Whether it’s the Oilers hoisting the cup, or other less desirable outcomes… I want to keep doing this for you. I think people enjoy it, and I really do selfishly enjoy it as well.
So the question is, what do you want to see from the stream?
Do you want a do over from these playoffs? Do you want to see the Stars/Oilers series redone? Would you like to see me go crazy and put together a team of all @Connor McDavid’s up against the entire league for a season? Do you want to see me do a marathon stream for charity?
What do you want, I’d love to hear what you think.

Now, does anyone have any score predictions for today’s game?