The Edmonton Oilers really thought that Jacob Markstrom was going to sign in the capital of the province and when he didn’t, the team was stung, Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reports.
The news came in his 31 thoughts column. Here was the full comment:
Edmonton really believed it was going to get Markstrom, and were stung when things didn’t work out. Carolina made a late stealth pitch, but Calgary snared the goalie. Vancouver stuck to its philosophy of not going long on term with either Markstrom or Christopher Tanev, not budging until very late with either player. By then, both were moving on.
The Oilers, of course, had been long rumoured to be in on Markstrom and the club didn’t seem to have much of a fall back plan beyond re-signing @Mike Smith.
I’m in the mindset that if the Oilers were able to get Markstrom to sign for the same deal it would’ve been a massive win for the franchise. He’s the number one goaltender that teams covet for years and Edmonton would’ve got him without having to give up assets beyond cap space.
In saying that, it would’ve made things difficult and maybe would’ve meant @Tyson Barrie wouldn’t have signed due to the cap restraints. With that being said, Edmonton likely would’ve had to urgently move @Mikko Koskinen in a flooded goaltending market as $10.5-million in net between the two was likely unfeasible.
Nonetheless, the Oilers will continue to see heavy doses of Markstrom over the next six years.
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