Taylor Hall is currently being traded…by everyone with an internet connection who does not cheer for the Edmonton Oilers. Today I decided to share a few of my favorites because we should all share in a few laughs.
The Oilers would be fools to trade Hall right now. Not only is it the first time since his rookie campaign that he’s really struggled, but teams don’t get better by removing talent from their roster. The Oilers will invariably lose whatever trade they make with Hall as the main piece going the other way because he is a star player in this league. Two seasons of top 10 scoring in the NHL at the age of 23 speaks volumes to the kind of player Taylor Hall is, but the fact that he plays for a losing franchise whose goal is to be competitive some time after the new arena is opened makes outsiders look upon him differently than they would others of his calibre.
Sometimes at OilersNation we can be a little insulated from the views on the outside, which makes this a bit of fun. In any case, here are some trade proposals from random people around the interwebs. These are not insiders or people who cover the game. They just happened to post Hall trade proposals and I found them.


Hey, the Oilers need a goalie. The Bruins need scoring. Why not?
Well at least Tuuka Rask is a good goaltender, not so keen on trading 6 million dollars a year for Hall to get 7 million dollars a year for Rask though. That Rask contract runs out in 2021, which is just in time for this version of the Rebuild to get back on track, apparently. Maybe the Oil can just poach him as a UFA then.
@RyanPaulBlack Or Subban. I think this is why you keep hearing Boston. Rask isn’t going anywhere, so why not trade Subbanfor Hall?
— LedgerSko(@LedgerSko) December 17, 2014 
Hold the phone! This guy’s bang on. That Rask contract isnt getting moved. The Oilers should be happy with that prospect goalie for the face of their franchise instead! Malcolm Subban has a .923 sv% in 13 games this year in the AHL. That’s roughly equivalent to a 23 year old with 243 points in 272 NHL games.
If the Pens would happen to trade Maattaand Sutter for Hall, I will be sooooolivid..
— Olivia (@Livv87) December 17, 2014 
Me too Olivia. Me too. Brandon Sutter might be older than Hall and with a career high of 32 points but he is ready to break loose! The kid is the answer to Pittsburgh’s prayers. And Maata?! Dont get me started. Maybe for Sutter straight up. MAYBE.
Your backup Goalie AND three 7th Defensemen? Why thank you! I didnt know the Oil could get such a plentiful bounty for Taylor Hall. No, really, we insist that you keep Erixon. It isn’t fair that we take so much from the Hawks.
Would you trade nylanderfor taylorhall? #TMLtalk
— Zyzz(@WeTheNorth11) December 17, 2014 
Nah, Bro. Edmonton needs to add a lot more. Maybe if they throw in their 1st.

Ha! Good one, guy from a HockeyBuzz comment section, but the guy who turned that deal away isn’t even the GM anymore! He’s the GM’s boss. Get with the program. Moving back to more trade talk.
That’s mighty nice of you, Jeremy from the comments in Joe Haggerty’s column about the Bruins trading for Hall. I appreciate that. The Oilers have had their eye on a Lucic type forever. They’ve wasted entire draft classes to finding that winning lottery ticket and now they can have the real thing?! I mean it has to be done, no? The two players even have the same Cap hit so it just works out wonderfully for Edmonton.
Special Mention: That Haggerty piece floated out a doozy of a deal where the Oil basically take all the scraps Boston got for Seguin plus a little gristle.
@TSN690RadioMtl worst moment : bruins eliminating us in overtime on game7
trade to oilers: eller, emelin, andrighetto, 1st draft pick=T.Hall
— StephanePapineau(@CallMePapine) December 17, 2014 
BOOM! Oilers shore up 3C (Eller), 4D (Emelin), 4RW (Andrighetto), AND get a 1st? Sign. Me. Up.
I’m sure Eller in particular will be well received here in Edmonton despite his prior claims to Edmonton playing like a Junior team. Of course Emelin has a NTC so he would have to waive that, but I don’t see why coming to Edmonton would be an issue for him.

Uh oh. I’ve gone down a rabbit hole with the HFBoards stuff. Zajac & Gelinas? Well Hall has 18 points and when you add Zajac and Gelinas together you get 18 points. The math pans out. How can you even argue this one?

Do you think that’s fair? The Oilers could maybe throw in Yakupov too. 
What’s that?
You don’t want him?
Ok. We can keep him, I guess.


Ok. I’ll stop. Truth be told none of you ever deserved this.
The facts are plain, Taylor Hall is the beating heart of this franchise and trading him would be a monumental error. He’s not having a great season. It happens. The team isn’t winning. Definitely. But dumping Hall in any trade is probably going to land you deals like the ones above more often than it would a Shea Weber, PK Subban, or [Insert Some Other Actually Good Return]. 
The Oilers have Hall and he has them. If this thing gets sorted it will get sorted with Hall as an Oiler.
As for these people who have so thoughtfully prepared trade proposals for Taylor Hall, they’re just going to have to bear the disappointment of not getting him.