The game that changed my life

by Matthew “That’s good” Eaton

Tuesday night’s game against the Canucks was the most entertaining hockey you can watch. It was a slaughter that didn’t get reflected in the 4-4 score after regulation play and a period of overtime.


An energetic set of new lines hit the ice and played with the white hot chemistry of Chernobyl. You thought it was excitement making your hair fall out? No, my friend, that was chemistry.

Our goals were pure, sweet shots that rang out clear as a bell. Ding! Nice one Penner! Their goals were like mutated passes that snuck into the net: splat! Eww, did that go in?

It was exciting to see it come down to a shootout… and then the fifth round of the shootout before getting the win. But a little exhausting. You have to wonder if we’re being tested by the Gods of Hockey, looking down on us from the Couch of Eternity and drinking sweet Beerbrosia from the Cooler of the Ages. They see our blasphemous defencemen and are displeased.

I say we sacrifice Grebeshkov. Not literally of course. No, too many witnesses for that. Let’s just trade him away. It’s a real shame that somebody agreed to give him a one-way contract because, more than anybody, he needs a kick in the ass. The good news is that Pitkanen looks likely to play tomorrow, and in the not too distant future we could see Grebeshkov limited to the ice time he deserves instead of the ice time he’s been given.

  • Oilersfan22

    That numbnuts Grebeshkov has a one way contract. That is why he sees so much ice. I guarantee that if he had a two way deal he would be sent down to Atom Tier 23 where he belongs.