A Nation of Lazy


It’s been a lazy Sunday for us here at the Nation today. We got horribly drunk after last night’s shoot-out win against the ‘Hawks and played poker until we’d bet the farm. Now, we have to relocate to an abandoned hovel. Thank gods for the ubiquity of internet access.

But there’s a lot of good being said about the team’s performance last night, and more than a few comments about members of the Canadian Forces and their attendance to Rexall.

Here are a few links you should be reading, if you haven’t already:

  • Joanne Ireland at the Edmonton Journal notes what a hero Horcoff is becoming, among other observations.
  • TSN.ca efficiently summarizes the game, as only a sports channel can.
  • James Mirtle has an interesting (and lengthy) post on the purposes of goons on a hockey team, and how exactly they contribute.
  • And I can’t find the link, but Craig MacTavish was recently spotted walking slowly, and with a strange limp, down the middle of Jasper Avenue in search of, you guessed, it: braaaaaaaaaains.

I expect a great many of you, though, aren’t thinking too much about hockey this afternoon and are instead turning your sights to the Grey Cup match. Hey, it’s not hockey, but at least… Well, I think we’ll just leave it at “it’s not hockey.”

Go Oil!