Pregame speech for LA Kings vs Edmonton Oilers. Gametime: 8:30 MST


To help the Oilers coaching staff prepare for tonight’s game, OilersNation speech writing experts have taken the liberty of writing a pre game speech. Imagine if you will the visitors dressing room at the Toyota Entertainment Centre in Los Angeles as the speech begins….

MacT: See this picture? (staples the picture shown above to the wall)

Oilers: Yes (except for Steve Staios who is eating nails as part of his pre game ritual)

MacT: Well this here is King Gustav V, former king of Sweden. If this picture doesn’t tell you that Kings are wimpy losers with comical moustaches then I don’t know what else will. Are you scared of King Gustav??

Oilers: NO!

MacT: Are you therefore scared of KINGS?

Oilers: NO!

MacT: Can you therefore beat the LA KINGS?

Oilers: YES!

(Oilers thunder out of the dressing room. Steve Staios knocks out three LA Kings Security staff with one upper cut punch on the way to the ice.)

Ipso facto Oilers win 45-0.

Record this season for predicting the correct winner: 5-3
Record this season for predicting the score: 0-8