Oilers ice hockey players love the sexy times with the womens


In light of the Oilers’ recent woes, there’s only one thing a true Oilers fan can do: engage in an exhaustive debate and thorough analysis of which Oiler—past or present—has snagged the hottest ladies on record.

You see right now the undisputed “hot celebrity couple around town” is Jarret Stoll and Rachel Hunter. Hunter is a hottie-boom-bottie, there is no doubt, but is she a Bond girl? ‘Cause former Oiler Mariusz Czerkawski used to roll with one. Is she hotter than the material girl herself, Madonna? ‘Cause former Captain Mark Messier used to take her down back in his Rangers days. Before Comrie sold his soul to his dark Master Satan and was able to land Hillary Duff, the Great One called his best friend Jesus who hooked him up with Janet Jones. See, it all comes down to perspective, people. But who is the hottest couple of all time?

As a public service to all mankind, the OilersNation brings you what we like to call “Puckbunny Showdown: Grand Championship Oilers Edition”  We will be playing these round by round, and over the next few days we will see a winner emerge. Good luck to all the bunnies!