Puckbunny Showdown Round 1: Jarret Stoll and Rachel Hunter


Twenty-four months ago, Jarret Stoll was just a guy from Melville, Saskatchewan. Sure, he went to the Cup Finals; sure, he was a man on the move. But outside of the lineup West Edmonton Mall’s Rum Jungle, few girls knew who he was.


Now add 24 months, and a certain ex-wife of Rod Steward later and he’s suddenly “Canadian Hockey Stud Jarret Stoll!” Now teenage girls say OMG instead of LOL and use 🙂  instead of 🙁 when talking about Stoll on message boards. Hunter for her part has been seen around town, and it’s generally agreed that she is a) incredibly hot and b) incredibly nice.

You go Jarret Stoll—you go about your bad ass business. Well done.