Stortini = YES!


Who out there remembers when we downed the Blackhawks 4–1 on Wednesday, show of hands. A lot of you, good. And how many of you knew that the Flames lost to the Blackhawks the other night by nearly the same margin? A few of you.

Oh, and remember when we shut the Flames out 5–0?

Why bother asking? Well, the Oil are looking for their third straight win tonight, over a team we know we can beat rather handily. The Oil are 3–2 in the Battle of Alberta series. Tonight, we’ll make it 4–2. Stortini will pave the way to victory with hugs, and a few errant punches; Hemsky will dance through Flames players and SHOOOOOOOT for once; and GlenX will get clobbered, but like a trooper he’ll immediately get up and cast a glance at the Oilers’ bench for CrackT’s glance of approval.

Oh, don’t get us wrong, it’s going to be a hard-fought battle. The Flames are pissed and they want a win. But we need a win. We need many wins from now till season’s end. So tonight, the Oil will battle the Flames and come up with a 3–1 win.

  • 1011011

    I think GlenX as you so aptly put it is going to become the new Marty Reasoner for the Oil. Cheap, takes CrackT insults to heart, blocks shots with his face and plays nothing but bland mediocre two way hockey