Chopper is Aces


Over at there is an excellent post about El Capitan. Its good to see that Moreau and his wife are such a stand up dudes. Well Mrs. Moreau isn’t a dude, unless… No wait. Ethan Moreau’s wife isn’t a dude. She’s an angel and her husband will one day rest entombed in the Hall of Fame.

Anyway, “My best guess” writes the following:

Post tite: Ethan Moreau is an excellent person

A friend of ours has a son who’s very athletic but has some physical problems with his legs. He needed surgery which was only available in the USA, and last week went with his mom (our friend) for the surgery. He has a long road ahead of him but he’s a great kid with a super attitude. With any luck he’ll be back on skates next hockey season.

Anyhow, they are neighbors with the Moreaus who have been absolutely dynamite to them during this difficult time. The dad of the family, to make matters even more challenging, is military and in Afghanistan. Our friend was telling me tonight how Ethan Moreau, even though he’s on the road right now, would text her daily asking how her son was and how the surgery went. When the team gets home Ethan said he’s going to take the boy to the rink for a day to hang out and raise his spirits (which at the moment are really really low). Ethan’s wife has been equally fantastic as well.

Hearing a story like this just make me so proud that we have a stand up guy like Ethan Moreau as our team captain. It also makes me realize what’s important to me as a fan of our hockey club. As we rebuild this proud franchise, talent and on-ice results are not the only things that are important. I want people on our team I can be proud of, people I can have my son look up to, people who have character and heart. Move out the damn head cases and scum bags, regardless of the talent level.

Way to go, Ethan Moreau (and Mrs. Moreau). Knowing what I now know about you as a human being off the ice, I will never again say a bad word about you… not even that you can’t dump the puck into the opposition zone on a regular basis .