Tonight, tonight

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It’s game night, lambs. We don’t know about you but we can’t help feeling a little excited. We know the odds are stacked against us—we basically have to win every game from here till the beginning of April and pray other teams lose all of theirs—but we’re still feeling good, especially after eking out a win against the Sharks.

Guaranteed, though, the teams we face down the homestretch are not going to make this easy on us. These will be physically-charged games. And if by some miracle we make the playoffs, chances are our boys will be so exhausted from the run up to the end of the regular season, we won’t make it past the first round.

We say all this, of course, with the hope that we’re wrong. We say this hoping San Fernando, Huggybear, Cogs and Bobby continue to demonstrate what gritty Oilers hockey looks like. We say this hoping that Kevin Lowe stands up yelling and screaming at every call, goal and slight against the Oil. We say this hoping that Whyte Ave sees the kinds of crowds it did during our last playoff run.

We say this 14 shots into a Texas mickey this warm March morning.

But mostly we say this because no matter what happens, we’re Oilers fans first and foremost. None of this fair-weather fan crapola. We’re laying it all on the line for a team that has had more than its share of ups-and-downs.

Tonight, we’re looking for the ups: the Oilers will take it 4–2. The fourth goal will be an empty netter.

Go Oil!