Never has 1pm on a Saturday mattered more to us

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What are you usually doing at 1pm on a Saturday? We’re usually lying on a couch, hunting through the receipts in our jeans and wondering if we really needed the three donairs we stopped and bought on the way home from the bar the night before.

But today we’re going to be lying on a couch festering in our own hangover and paying close attention to the Oilers and the Avs game. We can’t stand afternoon games at the best of times, much less one that means as much as this one does.

Now thanks to our esteemed fellow OilersNation teammate Robin Brownlee we know Garon is injured. This is big news, and it could mean that we see Roloson’s petrified husk starting in net tomorrow. If it must be so, it must be so but damnation Roloson, you need to play a darn sight better than you did on Friday.

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‘Cause usually if we’re watching CBC on a Saturday at 1pm it’s because the remote is nowhere to be found and the TV is stuck on channel four. But today, it’s by choice. And the only thing we want to watch is the Oil lay a licking on the Avs and send notice that this playoff picture ain’t fully painted yet.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I would expect to be depressed as hell with the current situation. No chance to make the post-season is not what lights anyone up. These guys are either the most p.c. group to strap on hockey gear in history or they really are as tight a group as they seem to be, saying all the right things about the games upcoming and each other. As long as they continue to show up and work their butts off for the remaining games I think there's lots to be hopeful for…next year.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    There's lots to be hopeful for NEXT year?

    [email protected] that!

    This is an exciting stretch that the Oil have been due for since 15 games before the departure of the Mullet.

    There's no reason we can't make it this year. Buffalo, Nashville, even that team in DC led by Ovenchicken are all in the playoff hunt and KNOW it.

    Next year will be awesome, but I'm cheering my ass off for this team and goddamit we WILL make the playoffs.

    …Just imagine, the Oilers make the playoffs with one game left in the season, Garon returns for the playoffs playing the best hockey of his career….