Hey Calgary, you still suck

As the boys in copper and blue make a improbable run towards the playoffs, even the most faithful Oil fans jumped on the Calgary bandwagon last night. But, as with all things related to Calgary, we were disappointed.

I know it was easy for some of you to get back on that wagon after 2004, but I would imagine most true fans reading this site weren’t part of that Flames Fever that surprisingly hit Edmonton.

What a terrible time that was in Oil Country. The Hockey Gods need to be thanked for not allowing a different outcome in 2004. I couldn’t handle seeing any more of those brutally ugly red jerseys in our stands.

Does anyone else think it’s weird that every Flames jersey is brand new, excepting maybe two or three old ones? I can at least have a little respect for a fan with some loyalty, no matter how wrong it may be.

Hard as it was, I obviously hoped for a Flames win last night. And guess what? I hate you even more now, losers.

Meanwhile, I’m extending a “well done” to the Oil for another huge win. You don’t need any help from any stinking Flames. I’ll always believe, unless of course I see you on the golf course. That can wait until June.