Five fun facts from Monday’s sh*tkicking of the Wild


  1. Minnesota did not know what hit them during the first three minutes of the first period. It honestly looked like when you play NHL 2008 against someone who “hasn’t played before but watches lots of hockey.” It’s over fast, you get the lead and the other person usually wants to hit the reset button and try again.
  2. There is no reset button on an NHL game. The Wild looked completely out of sorts during the first ten minutes of the period. By the time the first ten minutes had elapsed you could see the dejection on the faces of the Minnesota players. Mmmm dejected faces. Your misery sustains us.
  3. This will teach the OilersNation to cheer for Calgary. It didn’t feel right did it, Nation? We tried to cheer for Calgary to beat Colorado too, but it was like wearing cactus underwear. It just didn’t feel right.
  4. That little kid who sang the anthem was crazy. For those citizens of the Nation who were in attendance at the game, how about that little girl who sang the anthem in front of a sold out Rexall? Not only was she crazy good, but she made Sam Gagner happy as for three brief minutes he wasn’t the youngest person on Rexall Ice.
  5. Part two of “Taming the Wild” blasts off Wednesday. Expect more of the same from Les Oilers.

Is it Wednesday yet?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Another fun fact of last nights game could be the fact the Oilers had more goals then the Wild which from what I am told is a good thing.

    O'Doyle Rules

  • I'm a Scientist!

    In regards to #1, it is also the same as playing NHL08 against the CPU on expert when one takes the speedster that is Derek Roy out for a spin. Seriously, I'm beating everyone 8-2.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    You guys slay me. LOL pictures/blogs and great "inside poop" from Robin Brownlee.
    In regards to #3…having lived for 23 years in southern Alberta if the flames were the last team on the planet I couldn't cheer for them. Not even once.