Gagner’s dad arrested for impaired driving

Former NHLer and current London Knights assistant coach Dave Gagner, the father of Edmonton Oilers rookie Sam Gagner, has been charged with impaired driving.

Here’s the Canadian Press story:

LONDON, Ont. — London Knights assistant coach Dave Gagner has been charged with impaired driving following a two-vehicle collision in the city.

Gagner was arrested Wednesday night, but police declined to discuss details of his arrest or blood-alcohol readings.

It’s the second time in less than two years that a member of the Ontario Hockey League team’s coaching staff has been charged with impaired driving.

Head coach Dale Hunter was charged in July 2006 but was later acquitted.

Gagner, a former NHL player, joined the Knights as an assistant coach last year along with his son Sam, who was drafted by the Edmonton Oilers in last summer’s NHL entry draft. Gagner is due in court April 23.

The London Knights organization has declined comment.

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  • DJ Spin Cycle

    It still puzzles me that this happens… but i've been there, too: thankfully, I have friends who take my keys away when I think I'm good enough to drive.

    Hope Dave Gagner doesn't get into too much trouble for this. A small alleged splotch on the character of an otherwise awesome guy.

    (Added the word "alleged" to address Brownlee's very true comment.)

  • Oilercountry

    It's funny…yesterday's Journal was drumming up how great the Gagner's were as a father/son relationship…and now this….wonder if this'll be in the Journal tomorrow?

  • Al

    Hey Oilercountry guy 'Let him without guilt throw the first stone'. Who hasn't used bad judgement at times with liquor in their system. This doesn't mean Gagner Sr. isn't both a good dad and close to his kids.

  • Scott

    I think there are a lot of people out there who don't drink. I think that there are even more out there who don't drink and drive. I think it's silly to brush criminal offences under the rug as a "who hasn't." The justice system doesn't operate on "Let him without guilt throw the first stone" because as a society we consider some activities to be damaging enough as to warrant punishment. Driving under the influence of alcohol is one of these situations. If guilty (and a big if I might add), I hope that Gagner gets a just punishment for needlessly endangering the lives of others.

  • David S

    Just don't try to catch a cab after last call in Edmonton. You will be royally screwed. Make sure to wear some comfortable shoes for that looooong walk home.


  • 1011011

    I once waited for 3 hours for a cab home from Whyte ave in the winter. Had I had a car there I would have probably driven home to keep from freezing. There are sometimes circumstances that lead people to make bad decisions. Freezing to death would have been one of them. Its a matter of time in Edmonton before that happens to a drunk person waiting for a cab

  • mAD~mOD

    At least no one died this time, but sadly thats not always the case when someone gets behind the wheel after a few too many. Ask the family of Kim Radley who was killed by a drunk driver dieing in the hospital for 4 days after an accident on January 25, 1984. The driver was only sentenced to one year in jail.