Heroes will be made tonight


Fact: The Oil are three points out with four games to play. They haven’t lost back-to-back games since February. When they have lost a game since then they’ve come back to score at least five goals in the next game.

Fact: The last of those games is against the eighth place Canucks. Beat the Canucks on the last night of the year, and really the Oilers are only one point back with three non-Canuck games remaining. Things are really getting real, aren’t they? We wonder how the Canucks are holding up during this late season push to the playoffs. Let’s fire up the OilersNation Field Trip Mobile™ and go take a peek at what’s cracking in the world of the 8th place Vancouverites.

Let’s see, an article in the Vancouver Sun today titled “What the hell is going on here?” Well that’s as good a place as any to start don’t you think, Nation? Let’s have a read. Gather round, don’t be shy. Closer, closer… closer…

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Too close!

“So, what the hell happens now?

What on earth can we possibly expect from this Vancouver Canucks group tonight? If you have the answer, Alain Vigneault would like to hear from you.

Major surgery (to make major changes to the Canucks) is pending, and the players know it. And maybe that is part of the problem here. They know a dismantling is imminent; that many of them will have a change of address over the summer. That can’t be good for team chemistry.

But the last time I checked, these guys are still getting paid to represent the Canuck organization, and this city. A little professionalism, a little commitment should be expected on the way out the door.”

Oooo yeah, that’s the stuff Vancouver. Melt into a puddle of crap that no one can remold into a hockey team in time to save your playoff spot. Do it now, too, when the Oil have more momentum than a semi truck—carrying new Jenny Craig customers—that has lost its brakes and is going downhill.

Do it now when the Oil are only three points back, and could be—no wait WILL be—only one point back after tonight’s game. Now more than ever, the Oil are in control of their own destiny. Win your way in, Mighty Oil. Because Vancouver isn’t going to do much in the next four games, and know they are a lame duck against the Wings if they do hang on for a Round One match up. You know Mike Babcock is sitting in the Coach’s Room in Detroit thinking “Anyone but Edmonton, anyone but Edmonton, anyone but Edmonton.”

Someone needs to step up tonight and become a hero. The Oilers lead the league now in double-digit goal scorers with 12 different players. It could be anyone. Maybe the likely candidates: Hemsky, Cogliano, Gagner, Penner. Maybe an old favourite like Pisani who knows how to show up around this time of year. Maybe a wild card like Glencross, who’s looking like a hell of a steal for ol’ Dicky Tarnstrom. Whoever it is, someone on the Oilers score a game winner tonight, and the city is yours.

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What the hell is going on here Vancouver? We’ll tell you what’s going on. The Oilers are making the playoffs, that’s what.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Wanye: Number 10? Horcoff is injured, you dolt. And you've got the maiden taking the lumber to Horcoff's bad shoulder, to boot — now there's NO chance he can come back if the Oilers make the playoffs, you blockhead.
    Try 89 or 13 or 16, even. Doughhead.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Holy Crap Brownlee. You think I made this picture? Do you think that I built my own car too cause I drive it around town? I found this on the IN-TER-NET and posted it.

    By the way I can see you represented in this picture in the background. Aren't you the old dude holding the hockey stick with the white fluffy beard and the advanced age?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    The question is not "Can we pass Vancouver in the standings?" because that answer is "Very likely"…

    The question is "Can we pass Nashville in the standings?" That answer is "Probably not since Nashville has one game in hand & is playing the easiest schedule on the planet."

    Therefore, we will not make the playoffs… So just sit back & enjoy watching the kids play hockey for a few more games…

  • I'm a Scientist!

    As opposed to Wanye, who swapped his brain for a rutabaga in his third try at Grade 8 and has been disrespectful of his elders ever since. The results we see.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I take Wanye's side. For no particular reason except he seems to be the only blogger on earth who is still writing articles that indicate the Oil will make the playoffs