Highway Two: Unite Us!


The Battle of Alberta rivalry is well known to hockey fans. By and large, it’s pretty tame: the occasional “open letter” here, the odd ribbing there, but mostly its kept civil. Sometimes, though, fans (both North and South of Red Deer) take things way, way too far.

To wit, this item from the Edmonton Sun, which we came across in the comments of this post at the Battle of Alberta blog:

“The Battle of Alberta allegedly got out of hand when a man clad in an Edmonton Oilers jersey says he was swarmed and beaten unconscious on a busy city street for his hockey loyalty.”

Really, you guys, it’s JUST hockey. I know, we hitch our wagons to the game and it’s a point of pride when “our team” wins, but beating someone because they wore an Oilers jersey and made a comment about “your” hockey team…? Could we all maybe grow up?

This Springfield versus Shelbyville rivalry is laughable at times.

  • Wanye Gretz

    I once witnessed a fight outside Rexall during the playoffs. It was between a guy in an Oilers Jersey and a guy in a Stars Jersey. People crowded around the fight (which was lame I might add) chanting "Lets Go Oilers" until it was broken up about 30 seconds after it started. That is pretty much as far as things should go in the physical department between good ol' Canadian Boys.

    These cats who swarmed a fan is going completely beyond anything approaching the "Battle of Alberta." We aren't soccer hooligans people. We don't have to use a game between "Inter Milan Juventus FC" and "Liverpoolianswich FC" as an excuse to beat each other senseless.

    I'm sure these people don't represent Flames fans in general – Note to Flames Fans: you may want to take some action in the media to let the world know this ain't cool.

    If anyone in the Nation knows this Andrew Parker of Calgary who was swarmed and can get us in touch with him drop us a line at oilersnation@gmail.com. We would love to have a chat with the poor bastard.

    Oh and Flames Fans? If you think about jumping ol' Wanye Gretz when you see me in the streets you had better kill me with the first punch. Cause I pack a 12 foot flame thrower at all times.

  • Kara

    My favourite memory during the SC '06 run was during the first series against Detroit. I think it was Game 5, we were up 3-2 in the series.

    My buddies and I stood outside Filthy's having a smoke, a truck came down Whyte from the west with a Flames flag hanging off the side. They were stopped at the lights right there in front of Chapters. A dude in an Oilers jersey ran up to the truck, grabbed the flag and ran off. The driver of the truck got out and ran after for a couple of blocks before walking back. Everyone on the street was laughing. Think they burnt the flag after.

    Good times.

  • 1011011

    Bahahaha that is good times. When will people learn that stealing and arson are funny but mob style beatings are not? Come on people! THEFT AND FIRE ONLY!!

  • Flame-on-oil

    Did you notice the shoe that the guy who DIDN'T get away with the flag left on the road. We ditched in an alley a couple of blocks away. Funny that there was three of them but it only took one little red-head to scare them away. Blue Dakota was it not?