O glorious day


“We just didn’t find a way to do it.” —Markus Naslund

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Well, if nothing else Roberto Luongo can go see his baby now. In what was a glorious end to a season that was oh-so-close to ending in a playoff berth, the Oilers sent the Canucks packing in the final game of the season. The Oil have been sending more messages than Hotmail of late, and last night they sent another to the rest of the NHL: beware the Mighty Oil next year, for the average player age will rise to 17.4 years over the summer and they’re coming back to whomp some serious ass next year.

If you’re the rest of the Western Conference you must be glad to see the Oil finished for the year. With so many rookies that are all developing at a torrid pace, and all of the proven veterans coming back rested and healthy next year, they can’t be a team that most other teams are going to look forward to playing next year. You think that teams like Dallas aren’t wishing they were about five years younger per player right now? You think Calgary and Vancouver are looking forward to having to face the Oil eight times each next year?

The Oil finished with 88 points—a 17-point improvement over last season. This is a team that broke last year’s franchise record for injuries and still finished incredibly strong. When all of the pieces are put back together next year, one can’t help but think the West is about to get 20 CCs of Oil right in the eye.

Good on you, Oilers, for winning the game last night. Good on you for having that much pride in the jerseys you wear.

You know what all the Oilers are going to do (after they wake up with some pretty intense hangovers today)? Assemble in an underground mountain work-out facility and get trained all off-season by ex-Navy Seals. Sam Gagner will probably put on 56 pounds of muscle and Dustin Penner will take off 56 pounds of Dustin Penner. Steve Staios will do nothing but eat glass, staring into the distance and waiting for opening night.

They might as well cancel training camp for the Oil next season, cause this team is built. And it will execute its prime directive in the 2008–09 season: Whomp ass.

Game Notes

Was Luongo crying in his post game interview? We watched the post game interviews on TSN this morning and he either has a) a really runny nose or, b) is a crybaby ‘tender. Go check the footage out and let your ol’ pal Wanye know what you think.

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    I Hope they didn't party too hard last night, especially the likes of Smid, Roy, Stortini, Nilsson, Cogliano, Deslauriers and Pouliot, who should all be on a plane now to Pennsylvania to face the Wilkes-Barre Penguins. That's right, the kids have more hockey to play, and with the Falcons 5 points out of a playoff spot, it's time to do it all over again.

    I too believe Luongo was crying. Maybe they're tears of joy that he gets to see his daughter?

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    We worked so hard for the entire season for a chance to play for the Cup, and it's tough to take when you don't make it," Luongo said through sniffles.

    Taken directly from tsn's website. Indeed he was crying

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    Maybe Bobby Lou is crying because he's 29 years old and has only been in the playoffs once despite being a top shelf goalie in this league.

    Ha ha ha old Cry baby Luongo

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    To Wanye
    Listen to MacT's post game comments. There was no middle finger implied or actual. There was no HAHAHAHA!. He unlike you, showed some class.

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    fyvmvv –

    First of all I didn't give anyone the finger. A dapper gentleman in the 1930s gave someone the finger, we just happened to capture the moment in cartoon form for all history to observe.

    Secondly "hahahaha" is laughter, which I have been told is the best medicine. Missing the playoffs ain't nothing to be sad about with a team with this much promise. So I say it's time to laugh again. "hahahaha" I say.

    Thirdly, I don't have any class? How dare you sir/madam/robot! I will have you know that I was once voted "Classiest male stripper in High River" for the year 1987. If you don't believe me go look at their liquor store/fireworks station. They have my sash on the wall from the pagent.

    Lord Wanye von Gretz, Esquire.
    "Classy as can be, since 1923."

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    Sweet justice for the 2003-2004 season where Vancouver snuffed out the last of our playoff hopes.

    I'm really excited to see what this club can do in the years to come!

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    “Steve Staios will do nothing but eat glass, staring into the distance and waiting for opening night.”

    I saw Steve this summer late one night at Suede with Ethan Moreau and the usual hangers-on. You may laugh at the quote above, but that's pretty much exactly how he looked.

    Whomp ass!

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    ATTA GO BOYS!!!!! Ya Baby lou was crying, but didn't it seem like he was the only one who cared? I watched and saw one of the sisters say "well, we haven't been playing good for a while so…" I was like, DAMN, if he was on my team i would freak. Remember the devestation in our room? Those are guys who care, who have the passion to win. Those are the guys who will be CHAMPIONS!! Those are OILERS!!!!

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    Luongo sounded more like he had a bad cold, than i man crying. If that was emotion then what we saw from the oilers was pure hysteria.

    If we couldnt make the playoffs, then at least we took out a team that had absolutely no business even being in the race in the first place. I live in Kamloops and I cant even begin to tell you the amount of joy I experienced when our beloved oilers eliminated the gutless canucks. Living in B.C. and being an oilers fan isnt exactly easy, but what I experienced the other night when the mighty oil toppled the Canaucks post season dream was pure ecstasy. Every one in this damn province acts like the Canucks are the best thing since sliced bread! Oh, how things have changed since thursday! HA HA!

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    Hey now, let's not get too down on Luongo. If I recall correctly, he was interviewed on HNIC during some special segment about… something… anyway when asked who his favourite team was growing up, lo and behold it was the Mighty Oil.

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    "Sam Gagner will probably put on 56 pounds of muscle and Dustin Penner will take off 56 pounds of Dustin Penner. Steve Staios will do nothing but eat glass, staring into the distance and waiting for opening night."
    you guys are too much!!! keep up the good work. Can't wait 'till next year.

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    Our sincere thanks to whomever is posting as WanyeRocks. We should change our name to WanyeRocksRocks in tribute. We would also like to note that this person is not 1) our mom 2) our sister 3) paid to post as such.