Quenneville and Avalanche mutually agree that he was fired


So the Colorado Avalanche and Uncle Joel Quenneville have “mutually agreed to part ways” on Friday.

We love it when people “mutually agree” to part ways. We had this girlfriend once with whom we wanted to break up.

“Listen babe,” we said, “this just ain’t workin’ out for us. You gots to GO.”

Later on we found out she’d been going around telling everyone the break up was “mutual.” So mutually parting ways is code for “one party dumped the other one off at the curb with the daily trash, and that party is too thick, too proud or too clueless to understand what happened.”

The Avs released a statement saying that “After meeting with Joel, we mutually agreed that the best decision for both parties involved is to go separate ways” Translation: Listen babe, you gots to GO.

Anyways, Quenneville had a record of 131-92-23 record in his three seasons in Denver, and was forced to mutually agree with Avalanche brass to get out as fast as he could. How does that stack up with our own Craig MacTavish, entering his eighth season as Oilers head coach? Well, over the same time period, MacT has a record of 114-106-26. So 17 fewer wins, one fewer playoff birth and no concerns for job security on the horizon. That sounds about right doesn’t it?

That got us thinking about Quenneville’s twin brother, former Oilers coach Ron Low. They both had the same stressed out look, both rocked a luxurious moustache to the max, and both were fired as NHL coaches. In Ron Low’s last three years— all of which the Oil made the playoffs we might add—his combined record was 106-111-31. So Ron Low makes the playoffs three years in a row, collects eight fewer wins in a non-shoot-out world over three seasons, grows one hell of a moustache and gets gassed. Quenneville makes the playoffs two out of three years, wins 131 games, grows one hell of a moustache and is shown the door.

As far as we can tell the only thing keeping MacT from being fired is his lack of a moustache. Something to think about when thinking of how to update your look, MacT.

Impact on the league

As expected, every single move in the NHL is being interpreted as beneficial to the Maple Leafs and their hunt to find a coach/GM/scoring forward/good goalie/leadership/ushers at Air Canada Centre.

I suppose we can throw his name on a growing list of potential coaching candidates. Perhaps this opens the door for Patrick Roy to become coach of the Avalanche. We know we were impressed with his work at the Ramparts, which included nearly fighting a coach, and encouraging his 11th-string goalie son to lay a beating on a defenceless opposing ‘tender. Sounds ready to coach in the NHL to us.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Maybe it was Quinneville that "mutually decided" to part way but the Aves were quicker in issuing a statement? You know as a face saving measure because no one likes to be the one that was considered dumped.

    Maybe he looked at two years without goaltending and a movement towards the past by bringing in an older than his age Foote and an even more broken down Forsberg and a suddenly mortal Joe Sakic and figured he better get off this sinking ship before he gets taken down with it.

    Hey you never know.

    I can't say I really understand this move by the Aves. I always thought he was a pretty good coach (mind you I think MacT is decent as well so what the hell do I know) and even considering how spot on you are with the Leafs comment, I think they could do quite a bit worse. As in Patrick Roy worse.

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I don't get it. Is Quinneville going to be the Leafs new good goalie, or usher? I thought Scotty Bowman was going to come out of retirement just to coach the Leafs. Why then would they need Quinneville?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    I think that the Leafs are dreaming thinking Scotty Bowman will come out of retirement to Coach/GM/Be an usher.

    The man is a legend and has no need to come out of retirement to try and rebuild the Toronto Laffs. Maybe Burke is arrogant enough to try it, but he is out on the west coast sunning himself like the great walrus he is.

    Quenneville DOES look like Low. That is funny. Where is Ron Low these days?

  • I'm a Scientist!

    Low was fired as assistant coach for the Senators in Feb. Now he collects change from the drunken bureaucrats on Sparks Street… at least, that's what *I* would be doing.